Normal & Crosswind Approach & Landing - Lesson 1

A remarkably well made video that YouTube recommended, really didn’t understand how to land correctly in crosswinds until watching this. The sim is much more forgiving than real life and I thought this could be helpful for new simmers and experienced ones alike.

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Thanks. I just had my first ‘real’ crosswind landing experience, and it was eye-opening.
I know people here have complained that maybe the physics aren’t right, and that may be so. But the challenge I faced in my Bonanza G36 (Improvement Mod) with FS Realistic running was, shall we say…fun.

17 knot crosswind. I had to go around the first time, then I was able to land with nearly full rudder and cross controlled ailerons.

I think I’ll focus on the landing challenges part of the sim for a while. :rofl:

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Sounds intense!