North Sea Industry

This sounds like a great add on! Hopefully it will be available for Xbox.


Really looking forward for this.

Here is the official Aerosoft forum: North Sea Industry (preliminary title) - Product Previews - AEROSOFT COMMUNITY SERVICES

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Anybody working on a Sikorsky S92 to go along with it? :blush:


Just read about this add on earlier today. Really interesting idea. As helicopters become more common in the sim and maybe we’ll get bigger transport helicopters It’ll be fun flying out of Aberdeen to the oil rigs. Quite a challenge landing in bad weather I’d imagine.

Look forward to it.


I’m in Newfoundland. I’d love for someone to do an addon of the Hibernia platform. (about 200 miles east of St. John’s). I used to live quite near the Cougar helicopter base and the Sikorskys would fly over my house daily taking workers to the rig.

I can’t wait for helicopters to come to the sim…and the big, heavy ones!

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HPG is involved, and excited :wink:


Having bought a similar pack for Xp11 some time ago, I was really hoping a dev studio would create similar for MSFS.

Will definitely be keeping an eye on this.

Imagine the fun with the HPG and something like AH2 (and NeoFly), small cargo / passenger runs to / from mainland / oil rigs etc.

Ah the good ol’ days :wink:

EDIT: Serves me right for phone posting while at work: this is a pic a buddy took several years ago.


North Sea or Hibernia exploratory days?


I should clarify - that’s a picture a buddy took. Although I have had a career wrenching on Sikorsky stuff.

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I’m a Newfie!


I was mostly based in the North Pacific.

MSFS has some work to do before the weather system can handle the kind of conditions we’re used to!

I would love to see a weather profile in msfs2020 that has the conditions some of my buddies have experienced traveling to Hibernia. A semi submersible rig that you have to land a helicopter on would be an excellent challenge mission.

If you’ve never seen what Mother Nature is able to muster up 300 km east of Newfoundland, you only think you know what bad weather is!


This looks interesting.

Hopefully the ships will be moving and with wakes.

I guess that the oil platforms will not be landable for helicopters which drop in November but you can but hope.


I think they will with HPG involved!! :slight_smile:


This product has just been released: (around $13 plus VAT when applicable)

HPG was indeed involved from the start. You will find their chopper in many of the videos.
For example: Video's and pictures, please post here - Offshore Landmarks : North Sea - AEROSOFT COMMUNITY SERVICES

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The ships are not moving, but we absolutely do not see an issue with that (there was not a single tester that noticed the ships were static!) and we explain it all in the manual:

And we added close to 1000 new locations where you can land. All the big ships have helipads or winch locations. All wind parks have substations with helipads and all oil/gas platforms are landable. We even added all NDB beacons and ICOA codes. Again check the manual for more information on this!

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If the Xbox can handle the complexity, we will surely release it for the Xbox and Cloud platforms.

However, we have objects with 5.5 million polygons and in total it is over a billion polygons (we are in seriously new territory here, nothing else comes even close), so we need to test it before release. We hope to do this tests next week.

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is there an FPS hit on PC? That sounds extremely detailed, but I just want something to see below when flying over the channel at FL280. Is LOD handled well, so no issues with airliners in cruise flight?

Many thanks.

The manual says the helipads do not show up on the VFR map, does that mean you can’t spawn on the helipads and take off from them?