Nose dive to the dirt

I find the Piper Cherokee by just flight has anybody experienced the random nose dive to the ground I have noticed it in the Seminole the Cherokee by Carenado and just flight if anybody even have any suggestions of it appreciated and no sarcasm

Don’t know why this question is in the SDK section, but my guess would be that you are using the wrong, legacy flight model.

No I just checked and it is on modern

I think I just realized that it could be the internet connection because I know sometimes before it would pop up a message lost connection and the controls would just go straight down

Luckily the internet connection doesn’t cause flight model problems.

Does this happen during cruise? Does the speed and/or engine RPM drop as well?

Yes all of it

In that case it’s most likely icing and/or lack of fuel.

No it’s like I hit a brick wall and facing the ground immediately rpm is dropped and weather conditions are about 80 degrees at 3,000 airspeed is at 0 until I start falling

That’s indeed strange. 0 airspeed looks a lot like pitot icing.
Confirm the 80°F are at your cruising altitude and you are not in clouds?

Correct I try to treat the simulator as life like to help keep up proficiency when I’m not actually flying

How about I was just on the taxi way and I was cruising around 15 knots and it happened stopped me dead 0 knots

I’ve read a lot about strange problems with MSFS, but that’s definitely a new one for me.

Yeah I know but it’s really frustrating, I know you get it