Nose pulls up during landing without touching the joistick

Dear community,
I don’t know anymore what I am doing wrong.
I try to land (e.g. famous landing challenge Rio de Janeiro) with Airbus a320neo.
Everything looks fine, plane is stable, descent rate 3%, vertical speed approx -800 ft, speed 14 knots, flaps 4, gear down, autothrottle on (same behavior also when it is off), autopilot is OFF.
20-30 feet above I idle the engines.
And then is happens - the nose pulls up and plane starts to ascend. I need to press the joystick forward to pull down the nose.
Of course I land, but it shall not look like that I guess.

Engine mode is on normal, when landing with armed autothrotlle, the throttle control is on climb. When autothrottle is off, then I controll the throttle manually.

Anybody else with same issue?
Any advice would be welcome.

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