Nose Wheel Steering is now an Axis

I use two powered USB hubs to give an extra 12 USB3 inputs. The PC has 9 USB inputs and all are used.


Lol, this looks like a good recipe for getting electrocuted.

Probably so. Just map it in the Controller Options.
I’m using a G920 racing wheel for mine.

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What a cool controller, would love one of those one day.

What a reminder to all of us airplane geeks as to just how much the nautical influence is on aviation. :sailboat:


From words like hull & rudder to massive jets having tillers right out of a sailboat.
Lets not forget the navlights :green_circle: :red_circle:

Even winglets work like sails and some people actually call them tip sails as they do impart a little forward thrust :speedboat:

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Lol yeah even up there in my Cage off Farraday simulator, im still grounded.


Thanks for all the info, Guys! Now i have a lot more to look into!

have a great flight!

Woof ~ Woof & Salute!


Thanks all. Glad I found this discussion. I found out my TBM wouldn’t turn on the ground like it used to.

Although on PC, I use an XBox controller. Since the beginning of MSFS time as I know it, the left thumbstick pushed left and right controlled the front wheel. Using a combination of (rear buttons) rudder and (left thumbstick) nose wheel, I could taxi my plane. Suddenly only the rudder was working. The left thumbstick R&L other function, ailerons axis was working so I knew the controller was okay.

I guess I don’t really understand why an update has to cause the user grief. :roll_eyes: But, thanks to this forum for help me figure out what broke and fix it. It’s just an hour or so lost investigating, researching and fixing the issue wasted.

Well this feature update was given because of those user feedback wanting a nose wheel steering on separate axis (I’m one of them). And I think it’s logical that they don’t “touch” custom control profiles that users setup. So if you don’t have the nose wheel steering axis bound in the current profile, it won’t work.

In other words, it’s a lesson to learn on “be careful what you wish for”. Because the users gave feedback, they listened, the give the feature that the people wanted, now it’s up to the same people to do their homework and make it usable.

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Just a heads up for those using FBW, current newest EXP build does away with the toolbar flight assistant and sets all the assist options by default to “Volocopter”. The reason is that a ot of the new stuff they are implementing is not compatible with the many assist options in the base sim.

I was totally confused yesterday when I was looking for the assist icon to turn on the taxi help after landing. Went many times over and over the toolbar looking for the icon and thought I was going crazy.

It is still possible to use some of the assist options (those that are compatible with the latest build, like taxi assist), but they must be turned on in the assist menu.

By some planes it work a little bit, by airliner not. What there doing?

I’m not seeing the NSW HI indication on the f18, just the first level indication NSW no matter how many presses, or for how long. What am I missing or overlooking? Im also noticing the T45 not turning as easy anymore either. Not sure if this is related.

SOLVED: I had to clean out my community file of all F18 mods, mainly the Super Warrior mod and liveries. NSW and NSW HI worked like a charm after that.

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