Nose wheel steering no longer works on xbox

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nose wheel Steer no longer works on xbox.

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Nose wheel Steer no longer works on xbox, this is on all aircraft… And yes I’ve checked control config… Before rudder controlled the wheel on the ground, but not any more, nothing turns the plane on the ground… Totally fed up with this hash of a sim… Imagine any other game genre performing like this!?!

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I have just tried the majority of the aircraft which have nose wheel steering and is working for me on my hotas one when i twist it.
If your Nose Wheel is not steering on the F-18 you have to push a red button which is situated on the stick on the mid left of the rear of the control stick.

It’s not working in any aircraft

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Nose wheel steering not working ON MY XBOX should be the title.

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I am on PC and none of my aircraft steer on ground anymore even payware is screwed up. So sick of this update and break ■■■■ ! Every time they do an update !!!

Although I’m on a PC, I use an XBox controller as my main controller. The nose wheel was changed to an axis on a recent update so mine didn’t work either. I was able to bind the nose wheel axis to the left thumbstick along with the ailerons. Since one is for ground and one for flight, it seems to work out fine.

See the discussion at: Nose Wheel Steering is now an Axis