Nose Wheel Steering Tiller

I have a separate tiller for steering the nose wheel (in P3dv4 it’s the steering axis).
Does MSFS2020 have a seperate mapping to control the nose wheel?
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That is also one thing that really concerns me. Though there is the option of “set steering” in the control settings, it doesn’t do anything for me. Instead, only the rudder controls the nose wheel. Did anyone report this problem to Zendesk?
Ideally, the rudder would only deflect the nose wheel by around 7 degrees (for A320) for those of us who choose to use an additional tiller axis.

You are correct. This particular input does nothing. I know in the Aerosoft A320 you have the option of using the tiller and P3Dv4 has a Steering Axis.
Also it seems the rudder pedals in the MS A320NEO allows more than 7 degrees and with toe brakes I can steer the aircraft. But would be nice to use my dedicated tiller.

BTW I reported it to the ZenDesk

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Thanks, let’s see what they come up with. I fear it might not have there upmost priority. Even though I think that the ability to assign such axes as a tiller is fundamental for a flightsim and should be included in the Sim itself, FSUIPC might bring the option we need.

There is a free version of FSUIPC 7 available until the end of October, but I don’t see that it can work, since it only sends commands to the simulator that you need to select. So which command for steering would you send from FSUIPC to the Sim?

There is a special “steering tiller” setting in FSUIPC, which “is just another rudder control, but one which you can calibrate differently, so to give possibly more control. When both the tiler and the rudder are assigned and calibrated “direct to FSUIPC calibration”, FSUIPC balances the actual rudder control between the two – whilst on the ground with an airspeed of less than 60 knots (adjustable by parameters) the control is gradually transferred from one to the other.” Quote from Pete Dowson from

On the other hand I just realized that the “set steering” option acutally seems to be for the tiller axis, it is just that the default airplanes don’t seem to support it. Let’s hope the payware aircrafts (or mods) do support it and also limit the deflection of the noswheel from the rudder to 7 degrees.


You are correct. The standard airliners do NOT support the tiller. Hopefully Aerosoft or FSLabs will come out with a Bus. I am sure PMDG is working on the Boeing side.
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Thanks - for you too! ^^

I also would love a tiller input or turning axis