Not able to choose cold and dark start with SID

Lately, I have found myself not able to choose to start a flight “cold and dark” at the gate when an IFR flight plan has a SID from the departure airport. Whenever a SID is chosen on the flight planning (map) page, the departure box changes to start the flight with engines on at a specific runway. Manually choosing a gate to start at automatically removes the SID from the departure box.

This has happened recently after I have imported a saved flight plan created for the FBW A32N with Simbrief, but if I’m not mistaken it has also happened when creating an IFR flight plan on the map page without using an imported flight plan.

Am I doing something incorrectly?

No, you aren’t!!

After entering your plan in the World Map, select your starting gate either from the drop down box, or from “zoom to details”.
Ensure the right hand departure box still has the correct SID and runway, as it may have changed.
The left hand box will not display your gate, just the runway, but don’t be concerned about that.
Hit “Fly” when ready, you will be at your selected gate , cold and dark.

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