Not able to download premium deluxe

Hi I had everything (full version) working from the launch date.
Today I wanted to correct some liveries in my community folder and decided to do a clean install but when I go the Microsoft store under premium flight deluxe the select bar it says manage instead of install and when I click it, it tells me Flight simulator premium deluxe is currently not available.
There is a bar that says redeem code but I have no code, tried putting something from the purchase (17 numbers/letters) but number appears too short requires (20)
Anyone know how to correct this?
Thanks any help is appreciated.

Try installing just the base game, then install the premium content from the content manager.

The base game installed but only has two planes

Open your content/package manager and install the missing content.

Where would it be located?
MFS is installed on a separate drive (G)
Looked through that and also through my © drive can’t see anything

Launch the simulator. On the top navbar look for “Profile” or something similar. Ìt will open a page which should let you open your content manager

Another thing I didn’t mention on MS Store
Under FS premium deluxe upgrade, instead of launch or install there is a circle with a exclamation
When I hover the mouse over, it says flight simulator premium deluxe upgrade does not work on this device.

Nyx1819 there is a lot to download there, looks like it will work.
Thanks for your help

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Good to hear. Once you confirm it worked, please mark the post that helped as ‘solved’ so it can help others.

Yes it worked thank you, actual very simple, at first I was so desperate that I didn’t even understand what you meant I was looking for that as a folder on my hard drives lol.

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if that would help :joy:

The Glass in upper right corner must be colored more in red :joy:

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