Not able to install

It is a week now, I’m trying to install MSFS2020, I have purchased (10 DVD’s) and and somebody told me, that I should uninstall and reinstall Xbox. Which I did, but still turn back to " Press any Key" I am still waiting for “[´~´€@#|°¢€¢|¦@#°|” But It will come very shortly…:rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage:

I bought the Premium Edition and installed it. It took 5 days to install on my 5 mb/s internet. It worked for 3 weekis but at the latest so-called “update” it froze in a loop in the installer program, and after 4 days of waiting for it to download 2.06 GiB, I gave up and uninstalled the whole thing. On trying to re- install it I ran into the same problem. It ran all day and didn’t down load even 20 mbytes. I detest Microsoft’s Download manager. It displays how much total GiB’s to install but gives no information on the progress of the download. As a result, you have to wait days to find out that nothing is installing. It is a simple software problem to display the “Total downloaded so far” in the install. I’ve tried all the “tricks” given on these forums and nothing works. I’ve just about given up on my $129 “investment” as a total loss. I will never trust my computer to a Microsoft “game” again.

Addendum: I have had the “re-installation” running now for two weeks, 24/7, and the total Gigabytes installed is now 11 GB. I “only” have 86 GB to go, assuming there are no more “updates” to up the count another 2-3 GB. I hope to be able to run MS Flight Simulator 2020 sometime before Spring, 2021. The first installation took 3 days 24/7. I don’t know what has changed but my computer shows normal download speed at 5 MB/sec, same as before. They have definitely changed the download algorithm to run more slowly.