Not able to start Airbus using auto checklist

Sitting at San Juan Airport and usually start the airbus by the auto checklists. Airbus won’t start. They changed something that needs fixing.

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Same here, I used the mod, now removed but doesn’t work.

There are a bunch of issues with the A320 being reported, including but not limited to blacked out panels, CTD, battery switches not working,and the super fun left engine deciding to turn itself off. It seems sometimes it can start working if you close and reload, but it’s not really a viable solution.

Yeah - flew an A320 from LAX to DFW - lost the pilot’s LFD and the autopilot display during climb. I thought it was just a simulated error, but I could not completely fix it. I could get the LDF back by adjusting the dimmer switch, but couldn’t figure out the autopilot display. The ILS button didn’t light up either to show it was on, but it did functionally work.

Never seen that happen before.