Not all planes downloaded

Hi All,
I have the premium deluxe version of Xbox series X. When I download it not all the planes download it specifically the Skyhawk and the Cessna 152 aerobat. Any ideas?

I am not sure about Xbox but I think you have to go into the in-game marketplace and download it there

Actually, go into Content Manager (in your in-sim Profile tab), and check there. There are some filters that will help you sort out things not updated, not installed, etc.

I did look at my profile but no luck. The interesting thing is I do have the Dreamliner. I am a little confused to say the least. Thanks for your help.

You may have the “bug” that I and many others had - You ordered the Premium Deluxe version but only received the Premium package on Launch Day. I (and others) received an Xbox Message yesterday (7/30) that contained a Redemption Code. Redeem the Code in the Microsoft Store and then log out of MSFS and quit the game. When you start it again, it will ask you to login & then “Check for Updates”. It should show the Deluxe Package is available. Proceed to install it & the issue should be resolved.

Here‘s the right thread: Xbox: bought the Premium deluxe, but only get the Premium content - #49 by SofaJockey

Thanks for the info. Unfortunately I did not receive a code. Any ide how to contact them? Thanks .

I put it through zendesk. Hopefully that was correct.