Not enough disk space SU 15

I am having an issue with the most recent update. Haven’t had a chance to fly until today and tried to run the launcher for the update and it is telling me not enough disk space. I went through and cleared up a ton of space, my C drive now has 210gb free, but I am still getting the error. I tried selecting another drive (where MSFS is not installed) and it told me I would need something like 160gb. I have more than that free on C drive so why won’t it update? How larbge is the update for SU15?

I only have a few 3rd party add ons, but MSFS is quite large once you download the content in the marketplace. I have one drive dedicated to MSFS:


I already have the game installed, I should only need to download the data from the most recent update correct?

turns out I actually had MSFS installed on a 3rd different drive that did not have enough room, though I had it on my C drive but it was on my G drive. G is a 500gb SSD exclusive to MSFS and is full… this sim is getting out of hand lol, I need to get a bigger drive I guess. I was able to delete some POIs from Oceania region to give me enough space to install the update.

Yeah I had mine on a 500Gb drive also, and at Xmas moved it all over to a 1Tb drive.