Not enough disk space

Hi all,

I have just purchased a new PC with a 1Tb M2 SSD system drive. It currently has 432Gb of free space.

The old PC had MSFS2020 installed on a 250Gb SATA SSD (E drive) and it ran fine, although I have not played it for several months.

I initially installed it on the C drive then installed the SATA SSD (set as E drive) then moved to the E drive to improve load times, which it did by about 50%. I physically moved that SSD to the new PC and cloned the old OS from a hard drive to the new SSD. When I went to test MSFS2020 on the new PC, it gave me the not enough disk space error message. As the new system drive had plenty of space, I used the move option to move it to the C drive. The system now tells me it is installed on the system drive and I can move it to another drive if required.

However, the E drive, which should have had all files moved still shows 115Gb of used space.
When I try to run MSFS2020 now, it still tells me I don’t have enough disk space for the updates. The C drive shown in the attached image has 432Gb of free space.

Would someone please tell me what is going on here and is it possible to resolve without uninstalling/reinstalling?

UPDATE: I re-entered the file location in the field on the attached screen, sending it to the local cache folder on the C drive, C:\Users\Steve1\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache

and it is now updating. Have I sent this to the correct folder?

However, I still have 115Gb of used space on the E drive when MSFS2020 is supposed to be installed completely on the C drive. I know MSFS2020 uses space on multiple drives, but why is my system still showing so much used space on the E drive when nothing else is installed on that other than MSFS 2020 which should now mostly be on the C drive?

Am I making sense?



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To add to my previous post, the fastest SSD in my new system is the system drive. Is there any advantage or disadvantage to doing an uninstall/reinstall of MSFS and putting it all on the fastest drive, which in this case is rthe system drive?

ATM it seems to be working fine but for some reason has left a lot of used space on my E drive.




I recently bought MFS2022 off Steam and I freed up a lot of storage on my C: Drive. Whenever I launch it, it says have do not have enough disk space.

How much free space is on your C drive?

155 GB

Recommended Storage: 150GB

You may need to clear for more room. Try 175 or 200GB free. It needs room for downloads and decompressing of files.