Not even the traffic nameplates are properly designed smh

Ok, by now it should be clear that this game was indeed rushed (by MS) and so many things have been poorly designed and optimised due to the lack of time.

Last night I went for a night VFR flight around my area and I could see on the world map that were a few people around. So I decided to join in. Once airborne, I noticed that these nameplates were way too big and totally distracting, even though the traffic was still a bunch of miles away. Why is there no option to change colour and size of these? How much in a hurry do you have to be to just skip designing and implementing such basic options???
Also it shows only the user’s name, aircraft type and its altitude. But no distance? Seriously??? I can’t even…

I’m really curious to find out what this update that’s due today is actually going to fix.

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I agree. Scaling the name plate with distance would be very helpful. If you’re in a very busy area you cant see anything for bright white name plates over the horizon, sometime many miles away. Hopefully this will get some dev time in the future to make it usable.

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Yes, you could be forgiven for thinking that the developers actually spend very little time using their product, so many issues are apparent after just a few minutes or hours of first launch.

I too am awaiting today’s briefing (I won’t call it an update to avoid possible confustion) and hope that the patch that’s coming will address much more than just the installation issues some are having. Unfortunately for months now though those weekly briefings have been so lacking in detail to be no real help at all!

Also adding a hotkey to enable/disable all of this individually would be great, see:

By the way, I just noticed that having a lot of multiplayer traffic around me actually costs me consistently 10fps if I enable the nameplates :roll_eyes:
They seem to be very CPU stressy…
One more reason to disable them…

Hope you put in your suggestion via ZenDesk., versus buried here in the forums. You can also put it in the WISHLIST section.

Fyi, I made a tiny mod to make the nameplates less obstructive:

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