Not gonna say it's perfect, but

Despite its flaws, bugs and shortcomings, I haven’t enjoyed the sim as much as I am now since prior to the UK update. That was the downturn for me (and many others) where performance tanked and made the sim just frustrating and disappointing to fly.

While SU5 introduced a lot of regressions and is easily the least stable version since release, I’m happy to be able to once again fly at an acceptable frame rate at the same all ultra settings I was able to from launch until the UK update that ruined it all for me. I’m not getting as good performance as I had been, but at least now it performs smoothly enough that the experience is enjoyable. And I’ve been putting a lot of hours in even through those pesky crashes and other issues that pop up regularly. It still has its share of frustrating moments that make me angry, but hopefully this is a step in the right direction.

To be clear, I’m still the crusty, grouchy old ■■■■ I’ve always been and haven’t joined the ranks of the Asobo White Knight Club. I’m still not happy with the state of the sim overall. It’s still lacking a lot and there are still a lot of bugs that have been around since launch that haven’t been addressed. But through all the regressions in this update, the frustrating new Xbox interface, and other issues, I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and this time, I don’t think it’s a train barreling down on us.

Let’s all hope this is the “real” launch that should have happened last year vs the open alpha that we’ve been paying to play for the last year and that things improve going forward.


With the new G1000 NXi by Working Title I’m enjoying the sim more then ever. Performance a good, and overall it’s OK to fly. There is still minor things to improve and fix but overall I’m pretty happy.


I’m enjoying the NXi as well. I miss a lot of the functionality of the old WT mod, but this is a step in the right direction and gets better with each release. I’d rather them get the navigation part right first then work on the extra functionality.

For me though, it’s been all about the WT CJ4 since SU5. I’m more of a GA prop guy than jets, but that one is something special. I was never able to fly it after the UK update because it would immediately tank my fps to under 10. Now I can and loving it.


It’s nice to see something positive here.
I hope that light is not a train heading at speed towards you.
Agree though… with the hotfixes, I am loving flying again. Slow and low, low and fast, high and procedural… It’s all fun.


Does the unit work now using user waypoints in flight plans created in LVM?


MSFS is still the best flight simulator out there. XP and P3D are 10 years behind in technology.


It’s the best looking flight simulator and by far the best for VFR. It’s missing a lot of basic features and functionality that would arguably make even FSX a better sim. But it has more potential than any other if Asobo can actually make a “sim for simmers” instead of trying to cash in on Xbox dollars.


I worked on tweaking between graphic settings and FPS and I believe that I have found a decent happy medium.

Spent several hours today flying in MSFS and it was definitely more enjoyable.

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Well, to make a product, you need money. To get money, there needs to be a product. Somewhere it all started with a loan. Money, but no product. Oh dear, it needs to be payed back. Salaries, housing, running servers, licenses etc…

No really please, make as much cash as possible as long it comes back to the sim. Bigger bucks, bigger budgets, bigger sim.

But, on topic:
I agree with the first post and the follow ups, my rtx2060 has some room to breath and the nxi and g3000 from wt are definitely an improvement. I’m experiencing overal improvements next to the quircks and regressions. The improvements gave me trust in their skills, and this has let me start drawing my electronics schematics to start building a home cockpit. Hence even developing a streaming app and trying to hook it into the sim. There is a reason i do this.

And you explained it in your first post.


Curious, on the working title website I don’t see a link to download the NXi but only a statement saying to get the latest version on the marketplace of which I did and it states as well that you can get the latest version from there but how often does it update on the marketplace?

WT work with asobo so I assume the update is instant on the marketplace, Wt G1000 on website you should delete if you have nxi downloaded, from my understanding. NXI is only available from marketplace.not the github, like the G1000. I maybe wrong

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Yeah for sure, don’t run the two together. Thanks!

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Yes, it sure does.

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The package page also states “It is our intention to keep a cadence of weekly or bi-weekly updates for this package”

I have been updating twice already.

On contents manager when you load flight sim, it should be highlighted update

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Yeah I saw that, I’m approaching a little over a week now and haven’t seen an update available in content manager or market place yet. Thanks! I do however from time to time see a yellow exclamation point on market place tab when I load in but when I go into marketplace it just goes away and nothing says it needs updated or anything. Not sure why it is doing that.

Well I assume you have the updated version, just go into contents not the marketplace

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Ahh ok, weird. I did see the “updated” flag in the marketplace and installed the update. It was less then a MB if I’m correct.

I’m having the ms store version if the sim. I don’t know if the in-game marketplace via a steam install would be a different source. Would be odd if that was the case though.


It’s in the in-game marketplace. You have to remove any older version you have in your community folder first though and restart the sim.

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For sure, don’t try to use them both together :laughing:

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