Not happy about the state of the game, in some lights it comes shorter even from FSX

Totally agree! Much excitement and disappointment.
Too many things with the game seem dumbed down for Xbox and Xbox control functions!
Give me real flight planning and true control over weather. And while I’m at it… What kind of crappy logbook it has!

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Most of what you complained about are things you are totally wrong and can be done in the simulator. You just needs to spend a lot more time reading some guides and watching you tube video. For example in your controls settings window you aren’t seeing all the controls that are available to be mapped because you have the filter set to to “Assigned” so when you search for controls, the search results only include things that are already mapped for the specific control device that you have selected. You need to change the filter to “All” and then search and every possible control function will be searched in your search query.

I don’t have time to list of the other things in your post that you got wrong. I’m not talking about opinions, but things that either are or aren’t. Sure there are some bugs and some oversights and lot of things that need to be fixed but X-Plane, FSX, and PreparD has the same issues and it took years.

Regardless of the bugs and things that need to be fixed or added to MSFS 2020 it is far superior to every other flight simulator by a huhe margin. It’s not even close. MSFS aka light years ahead and that lead will only get larger as it continued to be developed and improved.

The things that are the core of the sim, that truly matter like the flight physics, flight characteristics, aerodynamics, weather physics, and surface friction models, as well as the graphics for the Earth, the planes, objects, vehicles, lighting, and weather are all light years better than every other flight simulator. It’s not even close. All the little stuff that is currently wrong with MSFS can and will be fixed. But I understand that there are people like you who are more concerned about whether every switch and dial works properly than you with the real world graphics and close to real life flight physics, aerodynamics, weather, etc.

I’m a private pilot and I can tell that the flight characteristics and impact of wind and weather in MSFS 2020 are much closer to real life than any of the other flight simulators. Sure there are some bugs to fix, but don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

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You need to come down from your manufactured disappointment. You set yourself up for this by looking for an experience you already had elsewhere.

The majority of your complaints are superficial and surface level and your only legitimate complaint is that you didn’t have a game play style you have 3 times over already.

See you in 6 months, my friend. Until then, you can fly at 30K and look at nothing but the sky in a plethora of other sims.

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Ok (insert OPM face)

Everyone and their dog uses SimToolKitPro for logbooks right? … Right?

No, because if I go to it by scrolling I see it, if I search the exact same name it does not show up, at least that’s what happened at the time I ran the tests.

The engine maybe, you can develop anything with the right tools and people, but either you guys have some sources I am not aware of that says that or it’s just your assumption/hope, I think the dev is now steering to make it run on XBOX so it will stay more or less in the current state for a good while.

X-PLANE got it already

Those are in X-PLANE and P3D since launch, I don’t know about this engine but I think it still works on lookup tables, do you have any source that state otherwise?

Yea they totally nailed this point and on this FS2020 is superior to any other.
FSX had TileProxy that used satellite maps and after some FLs you could not see much difference anyways tho.

That’s a bit generic, if you mean the systems inside the plane, P3D have it better.

Like road vehicles and objects? They are mostly irrelevant when you fly, you are far from those at least 97% of the time, so not a huge point.

Yes this is another point that they totally nailed and nothing on the market compares to it right now.

I’d not call half of the flight simulation “little”.

“I’m sorry if your car moves only if you push it but hey, you are using the expectation of cars moving with the engine you got from other cars…” I mean really? Of course I’ll look for what I wish to find to tell myself “ok it’s time to move”.

Seems like a lot of people have access to some kind of knowledge that those things will be implemented that I can’t find nowhere, any chance you can share it?

Except I also fly helicopters and low routes so I’d like to see ground better too, but I guess you are not interested in any flight longer than a hundred of NMs and you just fly it visually or direct GPS route because otherwise I’d not understand your excitement and feel to defend the game even where it’s clearly a downgrade.

Yet you still made an UNINFORMED choice. You didn’t look up anything on youtube? You didn’t wait for reviews? You didn’t ask friends who already had it if it’d appeal to you and if it has the kind of gameplay that some would argue is overdone in the fightsim genre? You’ve only yourself to blame on this one.

It’s a GaaS. They fix it or the game dies. That or a third party fixes it. The interface won’t hurt it. At all.

But you knew choppers were not here going in at launch. Everyone knew that. And I fly the gamut of aircraft both here and combat in DCS. Spend a lot of time in choppers and a lot of time in the F14 over there. Both rather different. Over here I do long haul when the mood takes me but mostly stay to VFR these days due to my schedule.

Yet you took the time to know choppers were not here but didn’t take the time to actually inform yourself about what the capabilities were of the stock sim aircraft you were going to drop, potentially, $100+ on. The reason I’m excited and willing to defend it? Because it’s NOT just another run-of-the-mill hundrum IFR flight sim we already have too many of. Sure it’ll come here sooner rather than later, probably within the first few patches, but you know what? I probably won’t touch it much. I’ve done thousands and thousands of hours of IFR and frankly, I don’t want another sim to turn into a YET ANOTHER IFR exclusive fan-club.

Nah I don’t buy it. These points are so superficial that they border on troll-level posting. (Seriously, change the god damned control filter). But your one and only complain with meat is “This sim didn’t cater to me and me specifically so it’s going to die.”

And I wouldn’t say I’m crusading. I’m just not crazy about selfish people who won’t let a platform develop into something new. Selfish, I think that’s called.

Sorry I had to re-specify “a downgrade on the points I made” yet another time as you seem to forget things said 10 minutes prior.

The SH is lucky in having their own crusaders already it seems.

Sorry what? I went to a friend who got it and tried it out myself, I didn’t bought it, so not sure about what uninformed choice are you speaking of.
If you mean I have not followed every reviewer, alpha tester, youtuber, talk or whatever they put out then yes I didn’t because (1) they would be on an alpha so who knows what changed and (2) it’s not my work to follow the development and everything it’s said on it and (3) I’d check it out myself as I already had a friend that was going to buy it anyways, so better test it out myself to see if it appeals.

We are so lucky that you can read in your crystal sphere which of the two will happen.

No, the GUI will not kill it, it’s just an awful choice but will not kill it if the other points are solid.

You need some reading comprehension, I was replying to you saying I only fly FL300 in other sims while I clearly don’t.

Yea I mean, who else would care if half the flight simulation is nowhere to be found right?

Please point out where I said it, I said that the hardcore simmers that kept the old one alive were those not appealed by the current state of this one, it doesn’t mean it will die, maybe a hoard of gamers will play it forever, but it will not have at the current state the backing of those people that kept the other one(s) alive and well, plus it misses things that will keep it alive in the case the SH will pull the plug.
This is what I said.

“That’s why I’m in every thread with a complain to let them know how and why they are wrong according to my opinion”

I would like you go to back and read a response from Trixiel8629; I’ll highlight the important part:

I personally think you’re not making a single, valid argument outside of wanting more IFR. You don’t even own the game, yet you’re here making demands.

And not every thread. Just the good ones.

You realized I was speaking about what would happen IF it dies right? And that’s an objective point to see what happpens worst case with your possible investment.

Lol you keep steering the point, you said things I blew with sources and you call me liar. Laughale.

Refund on what? Read above please, it’s not that hard.

Half the simulation is missing = minor inconvenience, lol

Luckly this forum in’t your and you have no right to shut or make people who disagrees with you leave.

Protego sanctis causa huh^

You could never create a Tornado in FSX/P3D neither visual nor simulated. Don’t refer to addons, refer to the default FSX/P3D which looks incredible awful. And Icing isn’t simulated in FSX/P3D, not even the most addons have it. The only addons i know which simulated it are the Majestic’s Q400 and the FSL A320, and here also just visual.

The Sim is just 6 Days old and people judge it like it were Years old- comparing it with a fully modded P3D. It took nearly 6 Years until FSX was usable and some good addons were available. And then it was still just 32bit and we all had a lot of OOM nightmares. For 64bit we all had to wait till May 2017 when finally P3Dv4 was released. That are 11 Years from FSX release date!!

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So are you going to make any point or just go “NO YOU” as a response?

I think we’ve got to the bottom of this now. G’Night. Hope the door don’t hit you on the way out. Come back with some valid points, next time. “Half the sim” ■■■■■. Makes stuff up about tornadoes and then says half the sim is missing XD

Naw. I have, perhaps rather ironically, been doing a long haul IFR flight and filling the time between WPs by browsing this train wreck of a thread. XD

You could contact them directly here:

and share your inputs and noticed bugs.

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I did it for the whole time, if it’s beyond what you can comprehend I have no fault in that and sadly can’t help you either.

You know that metaphor about the pidgeon playing chess? You seem to be the pidgeon.

A very quick reminder to everyone that posts here should conform to the Code of Conduct and Non-Disclosure Agreement.

In a nutshell that means:

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Two things I’ve spotted here @Nyx1819 :

Firstly: Never mind you didn’t see anyyyything~

Secondly: I THINK I’ve just found a bug with the auto-hide functionality that would allow a user to circumvent the filter. Would you like me to IM you with details of this? (I obviously don’t want to test it in case I get a slap :wink: )

And of course I apologise for my… ranting. I can get rather impassioned but I’m not above apologising when I’m called out for being a bad XD

Right on point.

I understand that people are passionate at things but the same old issue comes into play whether it be on a football field, in a classroom or in a Forum Debating Microsoft Flight Simulator.

I’m going to ask one question to each and every one of you, BTW it doesn’t require a response, it is in actual fact about self reflection and its actually got nothing to do with Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a response to your interests, but it does not shape who you are and how you choose to respond to other people who also share the same common interests, it does not however mean that we share the same beliefs, value systems and ways which we choose to share and more importantly listen to the views of others.

When you are personally very sure about how you perceive things you share those in a forum, others agree and then there are others who disagree right.

The difference in what happens next is entirely up to you, you can choose to respond and listen to that persons views and agree, disagree and agree to disagree.

That person like yourself has as much right to be able to share their views and you can also agree, disagree and agree to disagree and you also get to choose again to how you respond.

How you respond at the end of the day is your choice and its also a reflection on you, if you try to convince someone else and project your views onto them do you actually think they are going to respond positively to that because you said they have to believe what you believe!

If you choose to name call because someone name called you, be the bigger person and say nothing, digress, divert, steer away, leave, retreat, back off, whatever but retract yourself from the thread getting out of hand.

We are in a beautiful position here with something awesome which is this Sim, I ask all of you keep it on topic, remove the toxicity and love what we do, we do not have to agree on all things but in all things we agree on flight and the love of it.

Peace, chill, relax and have fun folks, remember nothing lasts forever lets enjoy this train while we’re on it :v: :airplane: :slight_smile: