Not one penny more until CTDs get fixed

I wish I could make this votable but I have no doubt what would happen to such a thread if I did. This is NOT a bug report. This is a message to the developers.

I have bought airports, planes, sceneries, hardware, software, charts, GPS addons, the lot. For several months now the sim just doesn’t work. I have literally never seen a more unstable piece of software in my life. I’ve tried (and untried) every fix. I’m dumb enough to keep trying.

One thing I am not dumb enough to do, however, is to spend one more penny on this sim or anything related to it until it actually works properly. I couldn’t care less about Reno, about haze, about AGL vs. MSL cloud bases. I want to fly and LAND! You know, a flight from start to finish.

I’m dumb enough to keep trying. I am NOT dumb enough to keep giving you my money! For those of you in the same boat as me, this is our only recourse.


You might want to try to disable those and try to start the sim. Does it start if you have completely no addon enabled?


I’ve tried literally everything. Every possible fix. Adding, removing, tweaking, updating. It starts just fine. Looks beautiful! Flights get off the ground no problem. I enjoy the first 10-30 minutes immensely. Until the inevitable.

you should realize that happens only with very few people.
but i do agree the game has too many bugs.


That sounds like a hardware problem. GPU overheat or PSU problem. Or are you always flying around the same place? There might be a scenery error somewhere.


Yeah, I get ya man. I was just thinking about this kind of thing yesterday. I have very few issues with MFS. It does have it’s quirks, bugs, and issues but for the most part it’s always a pretty pleasant experience. However, not all sims act this nicely on my rig. Xplane just sucks on my setup. It lags, has loading issues, and crashes regularly. Plus I cannot fly online at all in Xplane. Never have been able to. DCS crashes some too and will randomly kick me out of the sim when I am on line. Sometimes it is loaded with random problems on my rig. Plus the fact that they never seem to be able to keep their promises on their modules. I have 6 year old modules that have never been completely finished while they are asking me to purchase more incomplete modules.
MFS seems to be the one that gives me the least amount of headaches. But I see so many people who have tons of issues just like the issues I have with some of the other sims. All of the issues I see people complain about in MFS somehow do not effect me, but I am not looking that gift horse in the mouth.
So strange how this happens but at the same time it makes sense that a number of users by any software or hardware company will experience problems. My heart goes out to you my friend and I wish I knew what to do to help. MFS is the best sim I have ever flown over the years. It’s a shame that some of us cannot get that experience. I hope you figure it all out. I really do…


GPU temps are okay, 75-80 C. I just went back to an older driver, going to clear out the Community folder again and try a longer flight in the Baron (because it’s a stock airplane with autopilot and I can set it and forget it while I work). What’s truly mystifying is that it was working absolutely fine after SU7 until last Sunday. I landed at a particular airport, and it hasn’t been the same since. And I’ve found other users on here who have had the exact thing happen. Fine until Sunday, landed at a specific airport (not even in the same part of the world as me), and hasn’t been the same since. I just don’t get it. I changed nothing.

Appreciate your thoughts by the way.

Yeah it’s bizarre. For the first year I had basically no problems. I don’t think I had a single CTD until SU5. I remember reading all the problems people were having and let’s just say I was not always sympathetic. Now I am. Oh boy am I sympathetic. And I can even deal with the quirks and the nonsensical things that happen in this sim (I’m instrument rated in real life, so I know a bit about aviation), but I just can’t even get it to actually function. It’s maddening. Because I enjoy the daylights out of it.

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Please, please, MSAsobo. We need a detailed MSFS log file process that can be activated to log events (and NO, not Event Viewer). The OP could post his file online and let the community examine it, and after people have learned the ins and outs of it, they could HELP. Everyone would benefit from this, especially those who say “I have nothing in my Community folder” when it’s actually loaded with mods (which I found to be the case myself once).

But to be honest, the only loser I see in this is MSAsobo itself, because many of the problems related to crashes and errors could be due to server issues, which I’m sure they don’t want to be made public.

Prove me wrong, MSAsobo.


Hello. Old guy but new to this. I agree with statesidesiren4. I used msfs for a couple of weeks then along comes a mandatory update. Now I can’t run the game or download it to re-install. Anybody know a fix?

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I had an unimaginable number of CTDs, but this mod solved my problem…
Give it a try and see what happens…

I believe there is a very important communications lesson in the messages from the original poster. Please note that he was originally amongst the people who did not understand those who were having issues with this program. Then his personal experience changed, and along with that change of experience came a change of feeling. That feeling was empathy.

There is a large consensus of opinion that for whatever reason the development direction of this product is flawed. Perhaps it has to do with deadlines, perhaps it has to do with budget, perhaps it has to do with staffing issues, or even the criteria upon which the product is being built. Whatever the cause, every update results in grief for some people.

Who will the next person be who experiences such grief after an update? Will it be you? Perhaps we have to be more understanding with our fellow enthusiasts, and be more willing to ask the developers to ask themselves what needs to be changed in the process.

If something can be changed to improve the overall experience with every update, then it would be good for them to let us know. If it cannot be changed, they should tell us that too.

And for those who say that it is crazy for a development company to be answerable to its customers, I would offer this perspective. Microsoft flight simulator is not a product, for many people after three decades of use, it is practically a way of life. At the very least Asobo was handed a legacy, and one would hope they are fully aware of the gravitas of that honour, and respond appropriately.


This! I am absolutely in the same situation.
The sim got just unplayable for me after SU7, because of the bugs and crashes.

  • Settings are reseted on every startup.
  • The co-pilot does whatever it wants, although it is deactivated. Sometimes I can not even fly, because the engine thrust is constantly set back to zero! Also flaps are controled and set to what the co-pilot wants.
  • In VR (which I do play the most) the toolbar is not usable anymore and I have a lot of CTD

I’m becoming more and more disappointed and annoyed that every update adds new bugs that make the game experience worse for me.


Same with me. Been simming on MSFS literally since it came out, had maybe two CTD’s until SU6 came. Since then I have not been able to fly. SU6, I kept getting CTD’s after CTD’s. SU7? Even worse, the moment I click “fly now” I crash. Sometimes I load in and I crash at the gates while entering a flight plan. Mind you this is with community folder being empty and a new install.

Same system, same settings. I’ve cancelled my game pass sub since then and I’ve been an Xp11 simmer. That way I get 50-60 fps, no stutters, no CTD’s.

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Admittedly I stopped buying anything with SU6. I also don’t need a single new feature, I very much prefer to use the ones I payed premium deluxe for. And yes, I spent a couple hundreds on scenery and planes and a lot more for hardware.


Did you file a Zendesk ticket? They can really help with things like this.




FWIW in a last-ditch effort today I rolled back to 496.76 (NVidia driver) WITHOUT GeForce Experience (which I use to record my flights for YouTube) and I had a 90-minute flight with no CTD. God knows what will happen next, but at least I finished a flight today.


Would be interesting to see what stats you base the “large consensus” statement on?


And out of curiosity, why are you so inclined to think it’s Asobo/MS issue and not something with your own computer? Honest question… just trying to understand.