Not one penny more until CTDs get fixed

A hotfix is in the works

I hope so!

Is that confirmed?



Err… why exactly do I need to know how you spend your money?
Why another topic about msfs frustrations?
Do you really think that building pressure with these kind of posts helps to get a fix sooner?
I would say that sending a bug through zendesk or in this forum and voting is the best way to gather all necessary information.

And it will make this forum a lot cleaner.


I agree but in all fairness, We know what forums can get like lol

I tell you what, you are going to save a hell of a lot of money because I do not think CTD’s will ever go away. MSFS 2020 is constantly evolving, sometimes for better and most times in my opinion for worse.

I know Sims can be very complex for the Devs…All i wish is that they stop breaking things that were working before a big update comes out

Id rather wait 6 months for sim updates to stop them breaking things

You’re assuming this topic is directed at you personally? If you’re not interested, why are you commenting?

Because after a year since launch, the quality of updates being pushed out delivers plenty of frustrations to discuss.

It’s not about getting a fix sooner, it’s about getting them to acknowledge our issues and frustrations.

Many people are submitting Zendesk reports multiple times for the same bugs. Some of which have been present for months. Besides, this is the General Discussion forum, not the Bugs and Issues forum. One way to reduce the amount of discussions like these is to not release untested, half finished updates.


Thanks for the clarification.
@tamalien or @SeedyL3205, I am just wondering: is triaging actually also influenced by the emotion on the forum, or maiknly by the votes that bug posts and zendesk tickets get?

I truly appreciate posts that add absolutely nothing to the topic at hand while at the same time making the case that the topic isn’t needed. If you’re not interested simply read another thread. Clearly plenty of people are. And this is not a frustration thread but rather a solution thread.

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People are more vocal when they want to complain. Praise is often left unsaid.

People don’t tend to visit a forum until they have an issue hence you see more problems than anything else on forums.


How hard does P2D push your pc compared to MSFS? Curious if the latter is pushing something over the edge component wise?

This is definitely true, for most things.

I will say though that you didn’t see this level of complaining with SU6 because that was a generally good release with no where near as many problems as this one. In fact, I do remember reading praise on the forums after SU6, so it does occur, just not in the same numbers. Which is understandable since a good release will allow players time to actually play and not troubleshoot.

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All i want for christmas is…For the Tool bar to be working again for VR for this long awaited Hotfix thats coming

That is true, people gravitate to negativity, especially now. But, not sure people only go to a forum when they have something to complain about. If that were true, when Asobo corrects everything, they can close the forum.

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@StatesideSiren4 I am not sure if this is applicable in your case as I have no idea if you run Win 11 or install the optional cumulative updates that are available up to 4 weeks before being pushed on the normal Windows Update Tuesday.

However, reports are that KB5007262 (Win 11 only?) is causing the ctd issue that you are describing.

So many external factors seem to be able to affect the stability of MSFS these days… and it is so time consuming to track down what may be causing an issue, assuming that it is an issue external to MSFS in the first place, which isn’t always guaranteed either!

(I opted out, a few months ago, from the insider hub Windows Gaming preview, that I don’t even ever remember signing up for. That caused me reliability issues in MSFS)

I do hope stability in the sim returns for you soon.

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I’ll be honest, I havnt really spent any extra on add-ons for the simple reason of CTDs and bizarre issues that frequently crop up. They need to improve the stability of this sim on Xbox before I would even consider adding airports etc

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Yeah, Windows 11 is not going too well according to YouTubers and many other reporters. There are more people using XP, Vista, Windows 8, than using Windows 11.
To early to upgrade when we all have concerns about MSFS, I wouldn’t like to introduce another variable at this time that’s for sure.

I use the Sim every day, and I have had my moments with this, but lately, after the last update, it has run OK.
BUT last night when I started up the Sim it had returned all the settings to SU7 level where all pilot aids and many others were switched on.
I didn’t mind that after SU7 because you think it’s part of the upgrade process and it’s a one-off, but seemingly not.
I hope we are not going to reconfigure our setting on startup FOREVER!

P.S. I think if you alter certain settings they will trigger ( All Pilot Aids on ) but I am unsure of
the settings as I did a few setting up the F-18

I’ve seen it widely reported that doing anything with the content manager will trigger the All Pilot aids set to on…


Dear all,

Just to throw my 0.02$ into the mix: I just flew 3+ hours consecutively within Switzerland (in case scenery / airports matter), with the (Asobo) PC-6, was using the navigation systems quite a bit (by switching through menues, tuning in with ADF to some NDF and VOR stations…), but otherwise "just flew around, taking off from Lugano and landing in Thun, mostly flying over the Alps.

I was taking some photos with the external drone camera, was changing resolution for that (up to 5k, including cranking up scenery resolution to the maximum value of “400”) and back again.

But yes, not a very challenging flight, when it comes to navigation (was flying VFR), but I did quite some “bunch of operations”.

Oh, and I was using “Live weather” (which worked in the sense that it was clearly not some “standard weather preset”), was using some flight plan (generated with Little Navmap, with many many waypoints), toggled the weather to presets and back again to live weather, changed the time of day etc. - to give you some rough idea of my “interaction patterns”…

Settings were on “Ultra” (except motion blur turned off and cockpit refresh rate set to “low”) with a 1440k resolution.

And the simulator was stable, no crash to desktop (CTD). And that is the same experience that I had with my last couple of flights since the latest SU 7, including with payware aircrafts like the DC-6.

I am not saying that I did not have a single CTD with SU 7: I remember at least two at the very beginning (which might have been related to "FS 2020 stumbling over some previous controller settings? Don’t know…).

But subjectively CTDs are now rare and far between - much less (again, subjectively) than with earlier releases (and yes, I am flying since day one with FS 2020 ;)). But overall it was never “bad” for me - and in most cases CTDs happened either with add-ons such as “Google Maps converted 3D scenery” or with interactions with some navigation system. Other CTDs (that I remember) had a less “obvious” reason.

My point is: there are obviously systems were FS 2020 runs relatively stable, even with “Ultra” settings. I have no idea what the percentage of “well-running systems” there is (nor do I care, for as long as it works well for me - sorry ;)), but: they do exist.

I know that doesn’t help anyone who still runs into CTDs frequently. So to finalise my experience here are some key facts of my system:

  • GPU: AMD Radeon Pro 5700 XT with 16 GB VRAM
  • CPU: i7-10700K @ 3.8 GHz, 32 GB RAM (yes, it’s a pretty maxed out iMac 27" 2020 ;))
  • OS: Windows 10, 21H1 (with latest OS patches applied)


  • Still on DX 11 (DX 12 is really a “stutterfest”, even when taxiing on a “simple” airport like Payerne - and I am not the person who is measuring FPS by any means…)
  • Thrustmaster stick and throttle (and mouse & keyboard, of course)
  • Community folder: currently empty
  • Windows 10 runs on an external SSD (“native” - so noth within some OS virtualisation)
  • Besides FS 2020 some other “light-tasking processes” are running, like Little Navmap, Firefox and the occasional screenshot tools (including “Paint” ;)) - and I do toggle between them during the flight every then and when