Not one penny more until CTDs get fixed

the freaking thing is that it is absolutely unreliable, yesterday everything was fine, today I can’t start any flight, as soon as I click Fly it starts to load and CTD. Nothing changed on my end.

ok now realized the issue is related to PHTO Hilo, can fly from other airports… (community folder is empty)

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For what it’s worth, I had 2 issues causing CTD’s, and got that solved now.
First one was a mod that uses that other maps provider. Even after uninstall, it keeps two lines of code that manually have to be removed (cant find the link, it must be on the forums somewhere).|
Second one was the Nvidia update, that caused ctd’s as well. Rolled back to previous one and now all is ok (for now…)

On a side note, I have to keep live traffic switched to off, otherwise it’s a CTD when I press the V key.

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I thought CTD’s were a thing of the past since they released so many updates to fix it…im kidding.

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I understand not wanting to spend another penny until they get these issues fixed. 100% with you and am participating in the Marketplace boycott at the moment. Now I have been extremely lucky with very few CTD. I’ve had maybe 4 or 5 the whole year and a half so far. Most of those were caused by me changing usb controllers or something else.

CTD is just one reason to boycott the marketplace. I started my boycott when many of us came to the realization that the marketplace was a hot mess with extremely slow approvals, updates and patches. I then continued my boycott as I keep having bandwidth issues with photogrammetry and satellite data not loading in, especially during peak traffic times like the weekend. Would love nothing more than to spend hard-earned money here in the marketplace to help contribute to the on-going financial success of this platform but until they can get these issues fixed, they won’t get any. I hope others will do the same. If not for yourself because you don’t have issues do it for your fellow simmers. Microsobo needs to feel the pain of lower marketplace sales to encourage them to get these fixes to the platform. They have no incentive to fix anything if people keep purchasing from the MP.


Yeah, I won’t touch mods like that with a ten-foot pole.

going out on a limb here - do you have NVidia driver 497.09? They’re now acknowledging that their driver causes MSFS to CTD.

  • [DX11]Microsoft Flight Simulator may crash to desktop during gameplay [3454519]
  • [DX11]Microsoft Flight Simulator may intermittently display purple artifacts on the ground textures [3454530]

Payware are almost always going to break after updates and take a week or so for the maker to adjust.

This isn’t ideal but it seems to be an is what it is situation for now.

Sadly even somewhat justified ire in any tone isn’t allowed?

Make sure you don’t have the latest Nvidia driver. They’re acknowledging it CTD’s. Once upon a time, I had 5 CTDs per day, so i feel your pain. I hope your sim stabilizes soon.

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Just stop purchasing from the marketplace until the issues are addresses. I’m talking about all of the issues, not just the ones directly related to the performance of the software. Same thing happens to me all the time.

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All my stuff is NOT from the market place. But I hear you on that loud and clear.

Ok So yes I do have the latest Nvidia Drivers. Is it NVIDIA or MS/Asobo saying they know about the CTD?

But it has all been working fine. Maybe it is the Drivers? I updated to them yesterday after a perfect no issue flight in the same area.

last NVIDIA driver set has been very bad for most people, I am luck to be few who have enjoyed it.

NVIDIA has acknowledged the problem on their release page here:

  • [DX11]Microsoft Flight Simulator may crash to desktop during gameplay [3454519]
  • [DX11]Microsoft Flight Simulator may intermittently display purple artifacts on the ground textures [3454530]

There was an NVIDIA employee assisting with some troubleshooting on this MSFS forum page:

There is an official poll set up by MSFS Community Managers to gauge the impact of the latest driver release here:

Others are reporting success with 496.76 and 496.98.

You might consider rolling back your drivers (Note: I have no idea regarding system security impacts of older drivers). IF you are interested, you might look here for some details:
How to Rollback NVIDIA Drivers | Windows 10 GeForce Experience (

I’m using 496.98 on RTX 3080 and am running very long flights in the background today. FS has been running for 12 hrs straight - multiple flights without going back to World Map with no CTD. That driver is available here:
GeForce Hotfix Driver Version 496.98 | NVIDIA (

I’ve never needed to roll back my drivers, so I’m assuming you will do your research and make the best decision for yourself. Good luck - hope you find sim stability.

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Many thanks for your detailed and above all helpful no nonsense post. Members like you are a credit to this community. Thank you.

From myside I would of never thought to look at the drivers. I have for as long as I can remember never had a GPU driver cause an issue, maybe back in the DX5 days or when I had an NVIDIA Riva TNT 2 and that’s going back some lol. So whilst I am frustrated I apologise for blaming the sim, but MS/Asobo should really make that a sticky.


Update, Setting the Sim to DirectX 12 seems to now allow me to load at the airports that were all working before the driver update. This is crazy. I am worried however I will now have a CTD mid flight which is what I despise the most.

I will give it a shot.

Nope. Had CTDs before that, updated to it, then rolled it back. I’m starting to think GeForce Experience might be the ultimate problem.

Rollback driver or better to say remove nvidia driver via “DDU” (Display Driver Uninstaller) and install 496.98 solved the CTD problem for me! Thanks for letting us know.

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Might be, I have never used/installed it.

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