Not one penny more until CTDs get fixed

Well performace under DX12 is awful for me. Think I am just going to wait until there is a new driver or fix. There was a time when I would sacrifice the other games for the new driver, but not anymore. It is all just too much IMHO. Thank you everybody who has helped, I really appreciate it.

This thread is pretty inflammatory though. MSFS is nowhere near or nothing like a mature sandboxed product and is never likely to be. Updates tend to be significant and sometimes all changing so everyone at some time is likely to have an issue with at least one 3rd party marketplace mod that no longer works as intended. However both Asobo and the devs quickly respond but this for various cannot be instant and that’s why you should always look in known issues before screaming your heads off.

Closing topic. As posted above, keep all topics and posts within the Code of Conduct and it’s SOP.

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