Not seeing any other players

I haven’t flown for a few days (due to work commitments)
But I’ve noticed tonight that the skies are quiet. I can’t see any other players. I’ve got game tags turned on… & I’m connected to servers etc. I have seen the occasional ai plane but that’s all.
Anyone else flying alone?


there were some issues with the live servers recently, maybe that was the issue

Yes, there was an issue a couple of weeks back in that the sim wasn’t saving any of the settings. They released an update for gaming services and it fixed it.
I haven’t had this one before though. The skies are always crowded. Maybe they’re doing something to the servers again.

I doubt it’s related… but I’ve just installed my brand new Bravo throttles. Can’t see it making any difference to multiplayers though.

EDIT: I’ve sorted it.
The multiplayer settings under the “flight conditions” page had changed from live players to off.


My SEA server is always quiet on Live multiplayer mode… I’d be lucky when I see one or two players in a month. I guess a lot of people are playing either with multiplayer Off/Group only, or they play with All Multiplayer. Not many people fly on Live multiplayer mode, I guess, especially in my server.

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