Not sure if this is Right place but - Nav Data Issue

When I am flying within the sim I have noticed there is an extensive amount of waypoints missing or it seems they’re missing causing my Flightplan I have done using Simbreif I can’t actually follow or have properly inside the aircraft because of the lack of completed nav data.

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Hi @ryangregg2908, I have noticed similar issues. Can you share specific identifiers for any waypoints or airports and procedures that are missing?

Unfortunately I haven’t noted any down as I discovered it’s quite a few. I have noticed it’s more so airways that are either missing or way points within various airways that are missing. I have also noticed on approach to some airports and departures there are some waypoints on occation missing. I haven’t been noting stuff down unfortunately so I would be able to list ones that are missing it was something I noticed as if I compared the simbreif route and then the FS2020 route once loaded in it didn’t look the same.

Same here, noticed a few over the first weeks when I import a plan… I guess I should start documenting them when they occur

Well I keep asking Microsoft support for help in this matter with an answer to why the nav data is incomplete and why we can’t update the navdata ourselves. Unfortunately they inital gave a long response not answering my question at all then after the question what re asked they pushed me to look on the forums. Something tells me I shall be contacting them again.

Navigraph have released a Beta version of the FMS Data for the new sim that resolves a lot of these issues. You can apply to join and install the beta if you have a Navigraph subscription.

Did MS/Asobo say we will have to live with these inaccuracies and that we should use third party paid subscriptions for better simulation of the real world? Or have they just been quiet about it all