Not sure why I haven’t tried built in Bush Trips before

After WU4 and having a break from AH2 jobs thought I’d try the French Bush Trip. Really enjoying it (well except LFMB). What’s also made it great is the addition of Bush Talk Radio. That is a genius add on.

I enjoy the bush trips too. Have you tried the Back on Track feature? Does it work for you? It always seems to want to direct me to the first waypoint on the leg.

If I may give a suggestion; the USA bush trip has you flying a Cub without any GPS, forcing you to follow the directions by just looking at the scenery below you, and it becomes sort of a puzzle trip. I enjoyed this so much, I did all the other trips like this; delete the route from the GPS, disable the VFR map, and zoom in the map in the plane all the way so it’s practically useless.

The bush trips are so enjoyable when flown like this. Suggest you give it a go if you haven’t already.


Yeah going to try them all now. I screen print the leg directions and paste then into word and try to follow those instructions rather than keep opening the nav log. I fly the Piaggio using SkyPark and that has no gps so agree that is a lot of fun trying to work out where you are. USA Bush trip will be my next attempt!

Haven’t used it yet!

Figures. You’re a better navigator than I am!

I’ll try on the USA trip

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LFMB was really extremely difficult to find! :sweat_smile:

I was really happy it got added as a featured landing challenge. I think I wouldn’t have been able to find it and land there without the practice from the landing challenge.

Think I had at least 6 attempts to complete that leg before I could land without crashing. Then the departure was a nightmare :rofl::rofl:

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Same for me :rofl: Took three missed approaches and some death-defying turns to finally land. Even then I over-ran the runway and went up the slope about 10-20m. Fun takeoff though :smiley:


Make your own.

Plan the route with LittleNavMap then use Bush Trip Injector to add waypoint data and airfield images and then to upload it to MSFS.

There is a thread on using these Apps.

I have made and done:-
Vancouver to Calgary
Shetlands to Sciliy Isles in the UK
UK Lake District tour in an Icon A5
UK south coast
London to Anglesey
Anglesey to Blackpool via Barton.

Plus a lot more are completed and just waiting to be flown.


Yeah, I love Bush Trips! Michael Bonocore has 3 really excellent Idaho trips that are worth purchasing too! I am currently struggling with landing on the currently featured airport in Landing Challenges within the French Bush Trip. Frustrated myself to the point where I am taking a break from it, but will continue soon.

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exactly what I was thinking. I love the Bernese Oberland in Switzerland and was going to see if there was one. If not, I’ll try and make one :0)

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I have made one from near Lyon through the Alps to Innsbruck.

Not yet flown it so not sure if its doable as it criss crosses over quite a few passes.

I have made it to visit all the Ski resorts where I have skied in France, Switzerland, Italy and Austria.

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That’s the reason I gave up on Bush trips for months - flew all 27 legs without assist and didn’t get credit or the achievement for it. There’s no way I’d refly the whole thing :wink:

that being said - everything seems more stable now, and I’m going to go hit up the other bush trips… at least they use a plane with AP :stuck_out_tongue:

Everyone is free to enjoy the sim however they like, that’s the great part about simming. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I have a bug on the Patagonia bush trip. It doesn’t register my landings so I can’t proceed. I would like to do start over the whole bush trip but MSFS keeps track of my progress so I’m stuck. It sucks, I would like to see the rest of Patagonia.

Can’t you just delete the Bush trip save files from

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Yup. Just delete that progress as the person above mentioned.