Not updating, cant play

After the giant map update of 90GB, I am now stuck in the screen for the next 3.68GB update. Does anyone know if there is a server problem causing it not to start? This is super frustrating. FIrst I learn it doesn’t work on a Mac after I bought it, I then get stuck with a 90GB download that took forever, now I am stuck with another update

Go in your 90gb data folder and delete the last downloaded file. (sort by date to find it)

Then start again. Maybe this helped

dont know if this work but try this, create exceptions for msfs in your firewall, then, turn off your antivirus and try the download again. if you have any vpn disable it too.
hope this help you

What update are you talking about ?

@jochenrind there is no update.
OP has an corrupt file.

Ah ok thanks

still stuck, restarted the computer

Microsoft flight simulator is allowed through the firewall. Anyone have an idea?

God this reminds me why I hate freaking PC games

same problem here, do you still having problems ?