Not updating within game

I purchased the London city landmarks add on from orbyx and I know that an update is available but it doesn’t update. I then noticed that in the content manager within the game that at the top it has a file called core content mandatory packages by Asobo that is grayed out in the check box and says relaunch game to update. This file is 79 gigs. Why won’t these two things not update?

Hello! In the Orbx forum they say that London update according to Microsoft will not be in the market until at least September 1st. Regarding the Core upgrade, we have to wait and the relaunch to update is not yet working.

I thought that might be the case. Thanks for clearing that up! Appreciate it!

I have exact same problem!!
I uninstalled and cleaned the Appdata/local/packages/MSFS of all remaining files and reinstalled
and to my surprise I don’t get new clean installation !! with a message to complete the content install files (95 GIB) as if the sim exists running the installation and I am back to square one.
Very frustrating trying to get a new clean installation.

Someone told me that it’s normal. He said the relaunch to install isn’t working yet and the update isn’t available yet. No worries!