NOTAM: Nobody is welcome at Kansas City International Airport

Just a heads up for anyone considering visiting KMCI (Kansas City International Airport) in Kansas City, MO. You can land, but there are no options to park. Since logging seems to be linked to objectives, there is no way to get taxi instructions to the gates/parking so you can’t complete your flight. The only ground control options are taxi for take-off–as in please go away! If you park at the gate, there is no option under ground services to connect the gate. I had to use Pushback Express to enable my passengers to debark. Maybe Kansas City is under quarantine for COVID-19?

On the positive side, Kansas City photgrammetry is looking good. Here is a drone shot:


Not just Kansas city. There are a few cases where you don’t have options to park. And therefore your flights won’t get logged.

So I do this workaround. Park into whichever your taxi ribbon takes you, cutoff engines, and the battery. If there’s no flight complete log appear, press ESC, then restart the flight.

After another loading screen and you get to the screen where you press Ready to Fly. Don’t click it. Instead, press ESC again, then go back to main menu. Open your logbook, and your previous flight time will be logged as well as the take off and landing.

the only difference is that your departing airport and arriving airport are set to be the same as the departing airport. But all the hours and take off and landing counters are logged.

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Please report such issues via Zendesk.
As mentioned above, there are many locations with that kind of wrong data, the only way to get them fixed is to report each observation via Zendesk.

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Yep, always do. Just wanted to mention this one so that until then folks that care about having their hours logged know it won’t happen if they plan a flight to KMCI.

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Did you file a flight plan or request landing?

If not, you don’t exist and shouldn’t expect landing facilities or permissions.

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This needs some clarification: What aircraft did you fly into KMCI? Looking at Little Navmap there are plenty of parking spots there, but the largest I could see is Gate Small (86 ft). In other places Gate Small is 118 ft.

So the problem at KMCI seems to be: small aircraft can park, large aircraft can not. Just suggesting putting that in your Zendesk, so the person at Asobo trying to reproduce it does not try with a C172, parks successfully, and closes the bug with “works as intended”.

There is plenty of parking at KCMI; that isn’t the issue. The problem is that ground control won’t give you the option to taxi to it. Therefore you can’t complete the objective, your flight can’t end, and you can’t have your hours logged. At least that was the case in the A32NX. I’d be surprised if a 172 would get parking options. In any case, the aircraft is part of the bug report.

Of course, but you are incorrect. You can normally land without permission, get yelled at (or not if you don’t monitor tower), and still get clearance to taxi to parking after contacting ground.