Nothing has been fixed (WU6)

Can someone create a thread “Rollback to SU4” with VOTE option?
I don’t know how to do it.


That mouse bug drove me nuts post SU5- glad to hear it’s still there :man_shrugging:

I’m not even going to attempt flying for a while until the dust settles- Rather, I’m just going to grab the popcorn and watch the fallout blow up on the forums and youtube. The clown show continues…


Unfortunately this is not possible. SU4 is a different game. In fact, starting with SU5, you were slipped into a completely different product designed for cross-platform work. Because of this, all problems and deterioration in quality.

Now we are playing a different game than the one we bought.

ps: and voting on the forum is disabled)))


As a software developer since 91 (or 92 lol) this bug is a clear signal that they loose the orientation in their life cycle dev system.
In all my old companies something like that can sent you home very easy


You can split source code in two different branches and sell a sim to PC users and a ■■■■ to console users. Small effort


This one is great too (germany after WU6).
I guess the name should have been “World Downgrade 6”


Check this one … and not even the needed stuff is fixed … we get this as a bonus


Not to worry. Next week we’ll get a hotfix that fixes maybe 1 or 2 issues and introduces 10 new ones.


Agreed. 5% was fixed at best. The mods closed my bug thread making it nearly impossible to track bugs.

Here’s the running list that I have for bugs still present today from Sim Update 5 after both hotfixes and World Update 6:

  • Anti-Aliasing still a big issue. Just as bad as Sim Update 5
  • No lights on AI planes. Vatsim is a ghost town and almost unplayable due to being unable to spot other planes
  • Mouse issues: the mouse still pops up, double vision, in VR while using a controller
  • Unable to disable White Dot (seriously? How hard can it be to add a “Enable/Disable” button in the settings menu?)
  • External view rotation speed severely capped compared to pre-Sim Update 5 even with Ultra terrain pre-cache
  • VR settings menu is missing the terrain pre-cache option (can be fixed in usercfg file for now)
  • Color banding in the skies
  • Time of day still cannot be adjusted precisely as Asobo removed the +/- signs from the weather toolbar
  • Missing walls from jetways still not fixed
  • Draw distance still reduced compared to pre-Sim Update 5
  • Ground objects still pop-in (Taxiway signs, etc)
  • Tooltips still enlarged and obtrusive (seriously? the old tooltips were excellent. Can we please have an option to have a true legacy mode for these and revert them back to Sim Update 4)
  • Eye with the arrow still pops up when tooltips are enabled
  • Slew mode controls still inversed
  • Clouds still do not look as good as they did pre-sim update 5
  • Cloud reflections on water still nerfed even at Ultra

Oh no, not the “expedite your climb” again for another x months…


Of course, nothing has been fixed. I suspect most see it as a game and not a simulation. No matter what forum, whether here on Vatsim or Reddit, you keep stumbling across the same usernames when it comes to serious simulation. But the players are the revenue drivers, not the sim users. That’s why we get funny colorful content (don’t get me wrong, I’m happy about DACH because I fly here the most) and important bugs like mouse pointer, AI lighting, altitude etc. are left out.

With big studios, development always runs according to both mottos:

  • Follow the money!
  • We know better what you want!

And then we will be promised to fix everything in WU7, which we will wait for several months)))
And so it will last 9 years, until Microsoft servers are turned off and MSFS2030 is announced


I’m having huge degradation on nightime textures at my local airport, Glasgow. The airport looks bad and basic coloured at night. There is some weird stuff going on with the textures when you look out a side window after takeoff and pan around the scenery. External view too. The brighter bits on the horizon is how I remember it looking now it’s just bad. Seriously what have they done. It was fine before.

Top of pic - bright nightime textures that have a division line between them and the basic night textures seen in lower 2/3rds of the pic here. I’d have preferred sticking with SU5 at this rate.

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Absolute disgrace is what it is. I thought Asobo learned with SU5. We got two hotfixes relatively quickly and an admission that mistakes were made. Now with WU6 I’m getting close to losing all hope. Unless a hotfix comes by the end of the week, I’m convinced Asobo has just stopped caring about the true sim players and PC players in general.


Have you tried pressing ‘B’ on your keyboard to set your altimeter correctly? I remember even on FSX I would get the ATC expedite request even if I was at that altitude and it was always because my altimeter was off.

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It feels like Asobo works 1 day a month. What on earth is going on over there? Zero communication, and next to zero work. Come on! Put on your boots and GET TO WORK like the rest of us. Stop the content additions and fix this mess.


Someone said with every world update something breaks. In a way I totally agree with that statement. I personally think they should stop with world updates and concentrate on solving issues that a lot of people are having. Don’t care much for world updates. Would rather fix the current state and get everyone happy even for the short term. I am one of the lucky ones that suffer minor issues but am resigned to live with it. Have a great day everyone


Agreed. They should stop injecting new contents and focus on fixing the gameplay bugs


The XBox experience seems to be heading there fast too.

Seems like they are working with quicksand. Every new update is letting them sink deeper.