Nothing has been fixed (WU6)

This has nothing to do with the quality of the beta testers, but rather what’s done with the information after it’s reported. Beta testers have been reporting issues since the alpha days that are being ignored. In many cases, issues reported by the testers in the alpa are still alive and well in the sim over a year later.

The last few beta tests they had, people were reporting (sometimes serious) issues that still made it into the release.

It’s pointless to have beta testers if the bugs they report aren’t acted upon.


Hello Jane! Can we also get a feedback about the missing wind gusts?


Wait, they still haven’t fixed ground interaction? That was a tech alpha teir issue!


I just wonder how you define this term “simmer”? Am I not a “simmer” if I enjoy the game as it is? Is flying the a32nx for instance not “simming”? Yes, I know it’s an add-on, but I don’t shy away or belittle the core game just because we have free add-ons to add to the realism, they have always been, and always will be part of simming as I have come to understand it.

Yes you are a simmer and don’t you want the core simulator to be as realistic as possible? The wind in a flightsimulator in my opinion is one of the most imporant aspect because without wind we can’t fly. The graphics only helps those who are interest in that and have the hardware for it. The wind everybody that uses this simulator have benefits of because everybody use the aircrafts that use wind to fly. And now this gusts feature that worked from the release suddenly got broken after su4 and they has not fixed it yet but graphics options they have time to implement that we not had at release. I’m not saying it’s bad that they implemented it just that they should have fixed the gusts too by now.


Have you voted here? It seems to have only 109 votes now, the more it gets, higher the chance the devs pick it up and fix it.


I have and i want it to get more votes aswell but it hard to get votes on gusts that we can’t see just feel that it’s missing. I think this is the first sim/game/software i know of that needs votes to get a obvious problem like that fixed anyway. Issues should not been voted on just fixed as soon as possible. If they have problem to fix it then let us know as soon as possible instead of waiting for a q&a that maybe never bring up the question because the issue not got enought votes on it.

Well, I don’t think it is such an obvious problem for many. I have seen a lot of talk about it lately here, but in none of those threads have the people linked to that bug report. I think instead of just complaining thread after thread about it here in the general section, those who want it fixed should urge people to vote and add the link.

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Well, the community vote on what they feel is important for them… can’t say it’s asobo’s fault what the community is voting on.

Maybe not that obvious in liveweather, there it’s not working properly either. I think many of us flown in the hurricane and there it was obvious it was not working because you shouldn’t be able to fly in that weather conditions with ga-planes with gusts working properly. In custom weather it’s obvious because nothing happens when we change gust-slider to 150kts gusts. It can’t be more obvious than that. I agree on you with the link. I will think about that in the future.

I think many are not even aware that there is that bug report, as I said here in the general it’s mainly about complaining why they haven’t fixed it, yet no one actually shares the link to get more votes for it.

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Because not everyone is enjoying the same level of attention or scrutiny regarding the forum rules.


Not quite sure I get what you mean? Is it not allowed?

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I think the rules says like that people should decides for them selfs what they want to vote on.

Ah I see, there it is:

“Creating threads for the sole purpose of promoting other threads or enticing users to vote on specific issues or wishlist items”

Hmm, I do kind of get it, and then again I don’t. It could get political very quickly, that’s true, on the other hand I think many issues just remain unsolved because they don’t get visibility other than endless and tiresome negative complaining why they don’t get fixed. Sure, it is kind of democratic and community driven, people who are active enough to vote go and do so, the rest will then just live with whatever has been voted on. But I suppose just sharing the link in a thread discussing the issue at hand and saying something like “there is a bug report on this” should not be called “enticing”?

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Well… don’t shoot the messenger :upside_down_face:

PS: even discussing the rules is against the rules by the way… so it might just be better closing this sub-topic and returning to the main topic!

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In the end we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it.

  • Weather and Terrain API
  • DX12
  • DLSS
  • Fix Live Weather
  • Proper Night + Airport Lighting
  • Fix Visuals (Grainy clouds etc.)
  • Options for Post-Processing FX
  • Fix LOD problems
  • Fix Mouse problems
  • Fix draw distance and objects pop-ins
  • Fix drone speed slider
  • VR optimizations, especially performance
  • Improve flight models. Atm every aircraft is technically a Cessna.
  • Get rid of 100 years old FSX code.
  • Improve SDK for premium developers like Fenix, PMDG, etc.

Now this would be a proper technical update in my eyes and not that ridiculous “bug extensions” we got since the last year.

I know that it will never happen like that, but at some point MS / Asobo should wake up and do something clever and not just kid stuff.

They finally have to think about whether it should stay a game or become a serious simulation.


Incredible :bangbang::bangbang::bangbang::bangbang::bangbang:

You’re right, voting for new features would make sense but voting to fix bugs is difficult to understand. 3 votes limit per user just allows Asobo to not have too many bugs to care about. It’s really a strange strategy to identify bugs.