Nothing in community folder works

As the title says, ive lost the ability to use all items in my c.folder from being used in the sim.

They are showing as being listed in the following- -c.folder, dev mode for c.folder location. Also they are listed as not upto date in the content manager inside the sim.

Can anybody help before i do a fresh install of the sim, YET AGAIN.

Thank you for any help.

Im lost everywhere myself but are you sure your files are unzipped ? lol. Sometimes the obvious things are harder to see. Cheers.

Are you putting them into the community folder? Its quite a list for directing files into the community folder. I dont know, maybe Im completely out in the field here. Cheers.

I’m sorry to hear of your issue.
Community Support is the place to ask help. I have moved your thread there.

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Yes there listed in the folder, inside the game but says they need updating also listed in dev mode community folder locator.

Yes they were perfectly usable 4 days ago.

Corrupt community folder.

Thanks for your input folks, this thread has been closed as the author has indicated a solution.