Nothing works as it should/ Why?

Havent been on this sim for a while, just loaded it up and did a quick flight from Teterboro to Linden and you know what this sim has nose dived massively.

I had guides on for taxi, they didnt show on take off. I always leave airport markers on and everything else off but my destination no longer tells me the airport but has timesomething"" on the label. ATC wasnt working, or not acknowledging taking off or landing. When i landed the photogrammetry around Linden was hideous, the worst ive seen. Also when i landed there was no ATC acknowledgment nor no taxi guides again.

Really? This was just a short hop and all those things failed to work. What has happened to this sim?


Other than the current work on weather, it’s really better than ever here. You’re definitely flying a different sim than I am. I fly multiple times daily, and it all works very well, so haven’t a clue why you had that experience. I use the B787 HD mod, Citation L, TBM and fly all over the world including Europe, Asia, South America, North America, Oceana etc. It’s running better than ever now. Of note, I don’t do short hops per se, perhaps that is the difference.


It’s too bad that we don’t have a logging function that would show your settings when a problem is encountered so you could upload that file and let everyone take a look at it. :roll_eyes:

I have gotten those bugs with no taxi guides on start up and ATC not replying yesterday. I think it is bugged instances of the game on start up. Im still getting them in the beta, but your are not alone.

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I really cannot help you with this, all I can say is I don’t have these problems but I know others do. I can say that I have seen a lot of players coming back for a flight after a short break and having problems. I can only think that because this sim is always updating that it needs constant maintenance of the players mind in that a subtle change in software can be difficult to play with. To explain that, something in the basics moves or a bug appears(such as assistance setting all going to easy) so we need try to keep up to date on changes using this forum even when we don’t use the sim. It is a live program so I/we need to keep checking stuff. Sorry for your issues but there is a solution out there so keep asking questions and you will be OK,

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Did you load a saved flight? That’s a typical symptom of the completely broken saving/loading system, which is one of the many features that has been completely broken since launch.


I regularly get this problem other than the photogrammettry issue. Being that I’m on Xbox with how things work over here, I’m forced to keep things updated so at least on this side of the fence, updating isn’t the issue.

Do you get the ATC bug where sometimes you can’t talk to them at all @Ant1975uk
I occasionally get the issue where the copilot talks to the ATC but I can’t hear them. It’s kinda funny.

I have a lot of saved plans from LNM and a some don’t with the latest version of MSFS. Believe LNM have done some mods that fix that now. There are a lot of things to keep up with.

How long? Like since before SU5?

With SU7 Asobo decided to add a nice feature where they randomize all your settings with particular love being given to the AI Assistance settings.
Indeed if you visit Content Manager at any point after setting them back the way you like then Asobo will reset them again.

You may or may not have to load a default Mouse Profile in the Peripheral config in order to be able to interact with much of the sim.

You may or may not have to adjust the UI scaling and root about for a setting called “Legacy” to partially restore the in cockpit interaction tooltips to a working state. It’s a different “Legacy” to the flight model “Legacy” and doesn’t exactly restore the functionality that was lost to a gamepad-centric 3m viewing distance UI remodel…but it sort of works.

You might find yourself having to bind an extra key to restart TrackIR because Asobo broke how that works.
Likewise a similar issue with mouse control in VR requires a convoluted workaround that doesn’t truly work.

If you find yourself flying at FL24 and wondering why the air outside is as hot as the surface of the planet Mercury then don’t worry. This is the new normal. Just descend to an altitude where your wings aren’t melting.

If you fly a reasonably longer distance and notice that the clouds simply cut off in a perfectly straight line as if they completely stop drawing. Don’t worry. They have just completely stopped drawing and this is also part of the new normal.

Scenery not looking quite as good as you remember it? Photogrammetry a bit lame looking? Looks like a child made a model from cardboard and crayons then left it in the rain?
To be honest it always has looked a bit like that. That’s the normal normal (unless you get super lucky on a day when the servers are in top shape and you are the only one connected I guess)
As for the scenery, LOD, missing scenery assets, odd shimmer…these are all the new normal and an Xbox launch/SU5 rework of the LOD and stuff resulted in some changes that even now many on decade old laptops can’t see…well, because they could never see any detail or enjoy the sim above 15fps anyway.
The Marshall is apparently supposed to only have one baton…or two…depending on how far you are from the Marshall (because of LOD trigger mess ups)
Some airports terminals may or may not actually load at all.
Some PoI’s may or may not actually load depending on whether you are actually inside them.
Etc, etc, etc.

This is all the “New Normal” though. But you will be no doubt wondering why so many have answered that they see nothing wrong with the sim at all answering your post already.

Ever heard that if you put a frog in a pot of water and slowly heat the water that the frog will not actually notice that it is boiling to death?
That’s a chorus of frogs in boiling water
It too is the “New Normal”

Which is a shame, because I first installed this almost a year ago to this day.
I was stunned. It was a stunning sim experience and had pretty good performance even on my older kit…

If I had taken a break for much of 2021 and come back today sadly it would truly feel as if something was fundamentally broken.

It is.
It’s the new normal.


Other than the live weather being weird at times, everything is working as usual here :sunglasses:

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Came back after three months. Took me three days to find work-arounds for all the bugs and changes they made with SU7. Now things work reasonably, with the exception of occasional crashes to the Desktop. I really dread the next Update for I expect more…as you said… “New Normal”.

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One fears that just like Windows, MSFS is a moving target.

As such it will always be 2 steps forward and 1 back

P3D is still awesome as my install hasn’t changed in 2 years. Even Windows is locked down, unable to update as it isn’t necessary. Frozen in time :snowflake::snowflake::snowflake:

Strangely, it may not be as pretty… but, it works.

Funny thing, both of these have been fixed with the patch, but it’s not getting released because the weather is not perfect. Loud community complaining and Asobo listening to the noise.

Neither of those things (or the TrackIR/VR issues) are “fixed” until a patch is actually released.

Given the acknowledged complexities of a complex weather system perhaps a Hotfix with the stuff they know IS fixed should already have been rolled out a couple of weeks ago?

(After all, they knew about many of these issues before they even pushed SU7)

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“Neither of those things (or the TrackIR/VR issues) are “fixed” until a patch is actually released.”

“but it’s not getting released because the weather is not perfect. Loud community complaining and Asobo listening to the noise.” Do you get my discontent?

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Asobo could have released a quick Hotfix which addressed the easier to fix stuff and communicated that they are working on fixing the more complex (weather) issues when they initiated the present open beta but that this is complex and will take a little more time and testing.

That is completely within their power to do.

How many weeks ago did SU7 land?

Anyway. This is sort of drifting off topic.

If you have been away for a while a couple of System Updates borked a lot of stuff and some of it has still not been fixed.

Yes and no. It was a whole package, made public, so everyone could participate and they would get the most possible feedback, hoping the community would appreciate it. It took at least two weeks to confirm by us the other issues were actually fixed, and then the weather discussions started. Asobo reacted and released a statement via Forum Mods they have acknowledged and are working on them. The fixes they introduced got bad feedback and now we are sitting on the whole patch.

I have not been away, but actually simming just about every day since launch. The fact that they are now not releasing this one is very much to do with the fear the parts of community complaining about the weather in beta would continue the complaints after the release (“we told them but they did not fix it”, I have seen it before)

I have had a BUSY work schedule so I have not been flying lately. I hope to get in some extended flying within the next few days around Christmas and New Years. The last time I used the sim was just after SU7 and lot of things seemed broken. When FS2020 is working well, which is rare, it is AMAZING. Too bad every update seems to break a lot of things that were working before the update. I am both looking forward to doing some flying and dreading that I will find a lot that is still broken. FWIW

This is definitely a sim that needs constant playing, stay away for more than one update and as you’ve found out, it will hurt. It’s constantly evolving, generally for the good, but those new bugs introduced with each update are a pain for those who do play often, so it must be a real pain to have to trawl through the forums for advice before playing on an infrequent basis.

Hey no need for doubts, SU8 will fix all our issues! right? right?