Noticed improvements in flight plan/approach in CJ4 at least

I was finally able to complete a short test flight that I try from time to time that usually fails, but last night for some reason it completed and I landed ILS no issues at all!

My flight, from KSEA to KPDX (Seattle to Portland) usually fails at the entry point to the arrival (BTG.) Instead of turning to the first waypoint in the STAR, the plane usually just keeps going on whatever heading it was on before and ignores the flight plan from there on out.

This time, it turned nicely onto the STAR and executed all of the turns for the ILS 28L approach. The approach was a little low and to the right but nothing too bad.

I heard that the recent small update was related to NAV data. Perhaps that fixed my issue. At any rate, I now have the confidence to try some longer flights. Great!

Edit: I also updated the Working Title CJ4 mod that came out 8 days ago.