Now waiting for Hotfix 2

Has anyone else been to KMIA since the update? The scenery is all sorts of messed up. Pushback controls are extra weird.

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Default scenery works more or less but not LVFR KDMIA. Deinstalled the entire package and re-installed. Although an update has been publised via marketplace- no chance by now for me.

Do have some trouble with America by the way after Update V + Hotfix. Strange.

Don’t worry, if they continue down the road they seem to be going, there wont be many left from the PC side.


How do you like the LVFR KMIA scenery? FilbertFlies didn’t give it a great review so I’ve avoided it but that was the only review I’ve seen for it so far. Would appreciate your opinion.

You’re probably right which mean FBW and Aerosoft are wrong like me in thinking this update is a nightmare…not because you have a stable experience that the whole community does.

Yes!! Thanks a million.

@Jeerouss1 You are making a mountain out of a molehill. FBWs dev version works and works just as well as before, excepting the real-time weather issue the pre-dated SU5. I think it’s because whatever hooks they have built in with their weather provider is causing it to give bad data, but that’s raw speculation on my part. Not sure what the problem is with the “Stable” version, but as soon as it’s worked out (and it will be, else the announcement would be that FBW decided to cease work on their mod completely, including the dev version) it will be relisted right back where it was a few days ago. I’ve downloaded at least 5 updates to the dev version since SU5 came out meaning it’s actively being worked.

As for Aerosoft there is some conflicting info as to whether or not the ball is in Aerosoft’s court to submit their update to MS, or if it’s in MSs court to publish it. Either way, the fix is coming.

Jeeze louise, you guys are acting like this is a medical emergency and if it doesn’t get fixed NOW someone is literally going to die! It’s only been a few days, and on top of that not only is it the weekend, it’s also that time of year when most Europeans take their vacations, and having had some experience with that, I can tell you first hand they are very serious about those.

Just be patient, both will be up and running within a few days. In the meantime, if you want to use the A32NX, get the dev version, advice I give interested parties regardless of if there’s an active problem with the other’s nor not. I greatly prefer that over the stable version every day of the week and twice on Sundays. Yes, it’s technically a “beta” meaning it’s possible you could run into bugs, but I never have. The “experimental” version is a different story, with that it’s a virtual certainty that you will.

I’ve been flying the dev version of the A32NX quite a bit since SU5 came out, and except for the lack of VNAV (which is nothing new, it’s coming but hasn’t been released yet) it’s working as it should be. If you haven’t tried it, I recommend it, but it’s not a toy. You will need some instruction and help, but there are literally thousands of YouTube videos that can provide just that.


That’s a ridiculous statement. While MSFS has issues, the over the top whining and ■■■■■■■■ in this forum is utterly ridiculous. Asobo/M$ have certainly dropped the ball with the marketplace and mod management ability (which is totally the devs responsibility to keep up to date) but that’s not a deal killer.

I used to say simracers were the worst gamers, but the pearl clutching and caterwauling over SU5 makes them look tame by comparison.


Thanks, I learned a few new, interesting words!

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Don’t forget that the game is unplayable at the moment for many people, with all the crashes in the world map, when I click Fly, etc

Others can’t even access the game menu, or even update the game.


I kinda like that when there are many players in one airport and things go smoothly.

Trims is running at least twice the speed as before, making impossible to hand fly any airplane.
Even if you manage to trim propely, at than time you got a CTD, so all the effort is wasted.
Best update ever would be to cancel update 5 and make a MSFS version for XBOX (maybe call it Microsoft Flight Game)


You think so? I think, while there are things to be fixed, it’s not all bad. The performance uplift made flying in congested areas a much more enjoyable experience and performance/smoothness wise it’s all a lot more balanced. They can definitely improve this, especially the popping, but it’s not as extreme as some claim (sim unusable etc)

Whinning, I spent over $1300 on my pc, I spent at least another $1000 on the sim and addons. I don’t expect a year down the line to be a test bed everytime they update(should be downgrade)

It’s not rocket science, the sim was for the first time actaully becoming pretty stable… then in the rush to hit the Xbox launch date the PC simmers get the raw deal…


Whatever. It’s your choice to spend $1000 on the sim and addons, personally I’m doing fine with a $70 joystick.

Only use mods that are compliant with the latest update, don’t overclock your PC/GPU/Memory, stick to basic graphics settings, and don’t run anything system hogging apps when running MSFS.

Most of the problems are due to these things, which people can’t be bothered checking properly.

The whining about VR being broken is also way over the top. I’m only on an RTX 2060 with an old Rift V2, and it’s never been better. A lot of the issues are due to people overloading on ■■■■ out of date mods (mods are also via the store), and obsessive tweaking of their system to get “best performance” which ends up being unstable with new updates. Just stick to the basics if you want stability.

And yes, for the record I’ve had CTD’s too but it’s nowhere near the level of what people are crapping on about, and is less than before. Also tends to happen due to mods, even ones that are supposedly up-to-date with SU5.

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I join in with saying live Weather isn’t working great, I get some massive changes and ISA all over the place now.

I think if they release a version of a flight sim where trimming the aircraft is getting much more difficult, they are not interested anymore on making a good simulator, they are looking to a game that can be played with the xbox joystick.

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After I little testing, it seems the Tail#, and Callsign and Flight Numbers remain the same, unless you go into the customization option and change them yourself, even though they are blank. Loaded up at KBKL and the plane showed the tail number I entered and the ATC recognized my callsign and flight number. Went into KTEB and it stayed the same, so maybe it’s not a bug after all but a design decision.

That’s completely insane. Might as well add Windows to the list.

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It does seem that way, but how do you make it go away? Frequently when I fly a tubeliner, the livery itself comes hardwired with a tail number, but one that I purposefully put onto a 172 just doesn’t want to go away, even when I hit “No” for “show N-Number” or whatever it actually says.

Or, I guess it could be me, when I see the field for one is blank, I might be overlooking the show/don’t show choice box.