Nuclear Cool Towers

I seem to be missing the hyperboloid cooling towers associated with nuclear power plants. Did MS purposely leave them out?

What gives you the idea they could have left them out on purpose??

I assume it’s simply that the AI and map data used didn’t render them properly. I don’t think MS probably even gave them consideration or went back to check if they were done, as many buildings in the game aren’t displayed properly. I’m sure it has nothing to do with purposeful or not. It’s just the way the game operates.

Perhaps they could have been left out for security? While I doubt this is the case, I can think of no other good reason. They’re too big to be missed by the scenery generator.

I suppose this theory is feasible. However, it shouldn’t take rocket science to generate a library of cooling stacks. They don’t appear to differ much from stack to stack. I’m not an object artist, so what do I know?

there are no radio towers or power lines either, most bridges are just walls

there were obviously other priorities in the development

A few days ago I took off out of Heritage Field near the Limerick power station in PA and the towers there looked good. Take off traveling west and you can see them from the runway. So they do have the models in the system.

I read in another forum some cooling stacks are modeled. I guess it’s just pot-luck which one are and are not. Hopefully over time someone will model the nuclear cooling stacks near me - albeit I don’t intend to buy a scenery package to get it.

This might be a good time to mention this website: for free stuff.

Tonight I flew from Harrisburg to Pottstown, 3 Mile Island has big oil tanks instead of cooling towers, and Limerick was same as before with nice models.

It gets worse, have you seen VORs?

Yep. You’re right. I can’t find the VOR stations at my home airport.

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