Nvidia 40 series Frame Generation causes Warning: Your graphics device has encountered a problem

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Getting the “graphics card has encountered a problem” error when using my 4070ti with Frame Generation turned on. It works fine if I turn it off (which I obviously don’t want to do). I have also managed to pinpoint what is causing it and have provided a video which also has a couple of temporary solutions (hopefully). The problem seems to be with the games windowing system in that whenever I resize the window it causes the crash. This is 100% reproducible (see vid)

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MSFS 2020 "Your Graphics card has encountered a problem" (Possible solutions) - YouTube

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The video shows me loading the sim 4 times. Notice that before I click on the “Continue in Normal Mode” button (the same happens if I click on the “Safe Mode” button) I can resize the window no problem. After I click on the button, any window resize causes the crash. As I said, this only happens for me with Frame Insertion turned on.

I may have found a couple of solutions but I need to do more testing.

  1. Use full screen mode. It may still crash when you first change to full screen but seems to work on any subsequent loading of the sim.

  2. When using Window mode make sure the window is in Maximised mode (the button next to the close button at the top right of the window). When it is in Maximised mode the mouse should NOT change to the “drag” curser when you move it to the edge of the screen. Once in this mode you can still Minimise/Maximise but never try to drag the window as it will cause the crash. You will still have access to your taskbar and be able to pull up other windows like Navigraph etc.

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i7 9700
32gigs Ram

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I have made this a separate thread as it seems to be specific scenario of the 40 series (Frame Generation) although I know people with other cards also get the same message

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Hi @mk1234444, I’ve updated your topic title to differentiate the issue you’ve found from the other threads talking about that error :+1:


Yup … new hardware, new dlss behaviour = new problems for Asobo/MS/Nvidia to fix

does it happens in the MSFS Beta version only ?

Not gone back to the release version. Don’t want to screw up my install. Been on the beta for months.

yep… its only for information for others. I seen other reports where Frame Gen not crashed / caused that, also on my system ( not in the beta ) it not crashed as I tried it for a while, so may be its a beta-problem only :slight_smile: