Nvidia 466.27

just installed the driver 466.27 and have had two CTD at the controls screen. Reverted to previous drivers 466.11 and no CTD so far.
Anyone had this.

No, but I did get a pixelated screen once just after installing, and today my monitor screen went blank for a couple of seconds, so have reverted back to 457.30.

It is interesting to carry out a “clean” installation, sometimes traces of the previous driver remain and create problems for users.

Try a clean installation, and you can tell us how it went.

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I always do a clean install, I use Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) to uninstall the old driver.

I installed it yesterday and besides the still-unfixed flickering and micro-stutters (Nvidia’s fault), the driver is fine. No CTDs with it so far.

The best driver version you can install if you only use FS2020 or older games is 457.30. It’s the last with proper support for the sim and hadn’t introduced the glitches. You should DDU any recent drivers if you want to roll back, though.

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I have not had any more CTD’s since I reverted to 466.11. When I update I always use the clean install built into the Nvidia installer, Is that not good enough? Using the DDU sounds a bit daunting.
Anyway seems to be working ok for now but I might revert back to 457.30 if I have any more probs.

Thanks for the help.

The built-in Nvidia clean up tool should be fine in most cases. DDU looks scary but it’s relatively simple to use. You just leave the defaults as it comes. You do not need to reboot in safe mode either, that’s overkill.