Nvidia driver 457.30 install says not compatible with windows version and can't find RTX 3080Ti

Just replaced RTX 2080 Ti with EVGA RTX 3080 Ti and get error message as above after trying to revert to 457.30 from 472.12

Runs okay with 471.12 but wanted to see if it ran better with 457.30

What driver seems best for the RTX 3080 Ti in msfs?

Z390 MB
I7 9700K
Windows 10 Pro Version 21H1

I think that version was pre RTX3080 support? You will need to check the release notes to see if the card is supported.

472.12 was made for Win 11

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3080 Ti requires Nvidia Release 470 Drivers.

This is not a bug, you are trying to use old driver on newer hardware it was not made for.

I’ve found 472.12 runs without problems and is the best so far for my RTX card.

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