NVIDIA Driver Today 460.89 - No info on MSFS Quake II

New Driver, don’t think there is anything in it for MSFS, mostly Quake II I think based on e-mail. Installing it anyway. Will Advise.


Seems it works better than .79 for me

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Is Nvidia even optimizing for MSFS ??

Don’t think so. There was something wrong with .79, not only in msfs.

Should I update to 460.89 ( currently at 457.30 ) for my lowly GTX 1650 ?

So much differing advice from those that imply they know what they are talking about.

Also, would I benefit by using what some call a "Stripped down: version of 460.89

I am more interested in Stability, over a few more FPS – for MSFS, I am happy with 30fps, but typically get 40-50

I have never noticed any real performance changes with any Nvidia drivers .
More just added features/settings and stability improvements or sometimes bugs.

I cant say I really believe that they optimise for any particular game, just seems like a marketing ploy to me, an opportunity to advertise their GFX cards to those eagerly awaiting the latest game.

Having said that though I am currently getting the best experience with one they did advertise as being optimised for Flight Simulator 452.06.
I seem to get a more stable fps and less stutters with that on my 2070 super.

Obviously won’t be of much use to anyone with a 30 series card but if you are in for a bit of tweaking around with your drivers on 20 series or lower cards then it might be worth revisiting 452.06.
I’d also recommend uninstalling your current driver in safe mode using the DDU tool before reinstalling 452.06


I don’t either, except coming from 457.x to 460.79.

In what respect?

I did notice improvement in Optimizing MSFS. Used to only offer one choice, now you can choose on a continuum of Performance to Quality. It has been working for me, and gives a nice balance. I go second from the top on the Quality side. i7-9700 CPU with a GeForce RTX 2070 S. If you’re happy with your current settings, I wouldn’t bother. I get between 30 to 40 fps, depending on business of the scenery.

Noticeable stuttering without change of any graphical option in msfs but the much more annoying thing, massive stuttering in scrolling a website in FF, during msfs running. Scrolling through a excel sheet as well, but this isn’t gone with .89. a litttle work to do for Nvidia.

This is weird, on which card? Does your game runs the same resolution as Windows behind? I have read that is important to have Windows matching the resolution you set in game.
I never see much change when I update drivers, only one version made a supposed improvement for MSFS, placebo effect or not, I tend to believe it, I think it was late august or early setpember, it was advertised by Nvidia.
I am updating to .89 right now, let me see…

GeForce Experience has yet been unable to even retrieve my authentic MSFS2020 settings since the last three - four driver updates.

It shows everything either LOW or OFF when in fact I’m on ULTRA and more virtually at each setting.

Just updated to .89, same for me: GeForce expericence does not retrieve the setting I actually have in Game, it used to work.

No, if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. I’m also on 457.30 and my Gtx 1060 is running smoothly :small_airplane:.

If I gained half an extra Fps every time I installed a new driver I should run at 90Fps by now :sunglasses:

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I have a MSI 2060 Super.
No, i don´t run MSFS in 5140x1440. :grin: MSFS ist reduced to 3840x1080 in Fullscreen mode to maintain a “high” setting with some “ultra” sidekicks with reasonable fps. I never had trouble with these setting. Not up to 460.79.
Another User in a german FB Group got 7 fps using MSFS in Windowmode with this Version. So you can meet and greet every single frame. :rofl:

Hm, are you using resolution scale? If not, try setting full resolution and 70 or 80 resolution scale, which should yield similar performance but better sharpness. You always want to render the UI and stuff at native resolution, and with resolution scaling + TAA you can get better results than when letting the GPU/monitor upscale.

Maybe it gets confused by the different types of releases (Windows Store / Steam).

Well, would try it, but where? I didn´t found anything like a resolution scale. :exploding_head:

In the MSFS settings, almost at the top of the graphical settings. :slight_smile:

Give me a hint. :flushed: