Nvidia Drivers: GeForce WHQL 516.94 - Nvidia has issued a security warning for it's GPU drivers on 4/8/2022)

Only thing I’ve noticed recently is some purple ground textures around KRNT during a quick evening hop over to Seattle. Otherwise 512.59 have been alright.

That’s not the driver causing that.

it has to be the driver, with 466.77 this does not happen

I was referring to missing textures. Graphics drivers don’t cause games to fail to load textures.

Ups sorry friend

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may be you can add in your own topic ( we dont like duplicates :slight_smile: ) a screenshot about these artifacts ?

And my opinion: dont go back to these ages old driver :slight_smile:

I’m away from home and I can’t post photos, what are the recommended drivers that are more or less new? Can you tell me some that are well tested and that do not have a light fixture and artefacts? after 466.77 most drivers appeared that had the same problem and I don’t remember a recent one that didn’t

I only play flight simulator on my computer so I don’t care if I don’t have support for other games

Thank you!!

for me the latest one. But we have this topic here in which user can report back issues after installing the latest version and so we share knowledge. I not remember similar reports like yours about the latest driver.
I’am intresst at screenshots, because artifacts can have different reasons than the driver. Hardware is also possible ( if artifacts come from graphics card ) or also cable/monitor if you see that only at screen. Of coures there is also chance that a mod cause issues. You can extend your topic with infos about your GPU and monitor model too :slight_smile:

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I can assure you that I will not have problems with the equipment. In any case, I will leave you my data on the equipment rtx 3080 TI, i9 11900k, 128gb ram 3200 mhz, sometimes lines (artifacts) appear on the landing strips, in the a3nx for example sometimes creates some artifacts in the exhaust of the turbines, as if they were a wake but very exaggerated, (I use the latest stable version) 8.0 of flybyware

that’s what I’ve noticed with the latest nvidia drivers

This did not happen to me with the 466.77 I have tried many more recent drivers than this, but I always had problems and also artifacts in lights like pixelated, that’s why I decided to go back to 466.77 and I had not updated for two months until the other day when I put the new drivers


hmmm… may be you mean black lines like these : https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/black-lines-on-runway-will-crash-airplane/312527 But so far I know, this would be not driver related.

But… if 466 works well for you… let it as it is… But not sure in which version these security issue was fixed.

The latest driver 512.77 today is catastrophe for me. After installed, my main 4K monitor flickered like my graphic card gets broken.

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Did you check to see if it had somehow set itself to 30 hz in the control panel, have to check win display as well. That might be all it is.

I have to re-installed clean driver with DDU, the “clean” option of GeForceExperience seemed the reason for some conflict graphic settings in my Windows for multi-monitors. New driver works now for me, will try with MSFS as soon as possible to see whether it profits something.

Allright, to me it seems to be done. I did dame FWB320 Flight (each about 2:50h) .
Will try now Longhaul for 10 - 15 h… But it look promising. A big help was MrCamobataces tips here:

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Here is the link for the Guru3D cleaned version 512.77, (slim driver)…


Is the performence better? In EDDF Frankfurt I got 10fps , in Australia I got 60fps…

Definetely at least 35-45 in EDDF with RTX3060TI and 32 GB Ram.


yes is much better thanks

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Terefore I just had onother CDT an a Longhaus flight. after ca. 8h. I was allright until I wanted to have a small break. Pressed the escape. went for doing some gardening (whithin that time I would hav come do close or maybe even too lat for a proper descend. However after coming back i then pressed the esc and my Frames dropped below 10 arrrrgh. Who can help Pleeeeaaase ?

Since installing 512.77 (same with 512.59) the sim will not recognize my VR headset. Any Ideas