Nvidia drivers lights and artefacts

I have problems with lights, artifacts on the track, artifacts in the smoke of the a3nx etc, I have the latest nvidia drivers installed, I thought they had solved the issue of artifacts in lights but I see that they have not! anyone else have the same problem? I have the latest drivers updated today (I don’t remember the numbering)

The problems I mention are not frequent but they do appear sometimes

Should I go back to the 466.77 drivers? those are the only ones that didn’t give problems with artifacts!

Then go back. The only reason to go to new Nvidia drivers are:-

Security updates.
Adds a feature that can be used in the Sim.
Adds a fix to something they have broken.
You need the updated driver for some other software or game that you use.

I completely removed the Nvidia software and drivers last year and let Windows install the driver (and update it) and I’ve had no further issues.

I don’t understand what you mean by what I have to do, should I go back to 466.77? I only play fs2020 and those drivers were the only ones that didn’t give me a problem

What I mean is for me, I completely uninstalled all of the Nvidia drivers and software.

I restarted my computer and Windows update automatically installed a version of the Nvidia driver which has not had any problems for me.

You could try it.

what version did you install?…

You don’t install any version, you just let Windows do it.

but what version is the one that has automatically installed windows?

I’m not sure, I didn’t check. Windows has updated a couple of time over the past 4 months.

It will be a version number that is specifically for Windows update. It will not be the same as the drivers on the Nvidia website.