NVIDIA Dropping frames in SteamVR

On newer drivers Nvidia FrameView SDK is causing the issue that is dropped frames for SteamVR users. Uninstall it after each driver update to get your VR Smoothness back.


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Hmm interesting, thanks for letting us know.
But how do I deinstall Nvidia FrameView SDK?
When I go into Windows for deinstallation, I only see

  • Nvdida Graficsdriver
  • HD Audiodriver
  • PhysX
  • USBC Driver

But nothing about Nvidia FrameView SDK… where is that located? How can I deinstall it?

If it isn’t there, you haven’t got it installed.

Good luck, performance is a struggle on MSFS 2020.

I’m starting to think it’s loading with evga precision X1

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