Nvidia NIS Image Sharpening

I am trying to use the NIS feature but can only get it to activate in the blue ‘Sharpening’ mode I have tested in other games and it works fine but FS only seems to activate at full native resolution and not a reduced resolution for upscaling?

Check out the developers thread. OpenXR NIS upscaling software - Release thread - #206 by BlurryRobin2395

Thank you, it looks like this should activate nis in VR but I am not seeing it in 2d, should this also fix that as well?

My OpenXR NIS software linked above is only for VR. I have no idea about enabling NIS for non-VR (my software certainly will not help with that).

I don’t have VR only way i can use NIS in MSFS is to set the resolution of my desktop outside of the sim i then set it to the same resolution in sim then it works.
I only recommend dropping it one level it starts looking bad below that for me using a 4k monitor.