Nvidia Owner Suggestion: DlssTweaks + latest dlls

If you own an nvidia card, i suggest you all, to try the newest dlss and framegeneration dll’s in combination with the DlssTweaks from github! I get phenomenal results of this combination. I use “force dlaa” in the DlssTweaks ini-file and this is by far the best image quality possible today in msfs.

I think the Msfs option for dlaa is bugged, the image quality far better with dlaa forced from DlssTweaks.

Also the performance and image quality with the new dll’s is much better! Newest version of dlss is 3.1.1 and framegeneration is

DlssTweaks even lets you choose the resolution factor of the various dlss options! For example the standart “quality” preset uses a resolution factor of 0.66
I use 0.8 or 0.9 in a lot of games.

But in Msfs i use the “force dlaa” option, because it looks so good and i have enough perfomance headroom!

Just try this combination…you will be amazed!



Do you have to have a 30xx or 40xx card?

Thank you for the tip. Would this also solve the blurry clouds textures in the default dlaa?

On what graphics cards will this work?

I own a RTX 4090. Dlss and DlssTweaks works on 20, 30 and 40 series cards i think. Framegeneration only on the 40 series cards.
Also i havent noticed blurry clouds.

So much for pics eh? If you’re trying to sell people an idea or reason to try something, provide some evidence.

I agree that it would be helpful.

Just try it for yourself, i dont try to sell you anything! :grinning: Should only be an information about the usage of the new dll’s and DlssTweaks in Msfs…

So what improvements that this do bring?

Do you have any more detail information, numbers or you have conducted any sort of benchmark?

So, I have the new dlss.dll file 3.1.10 and there is topic on this we’re I myself and many other people have tried and we clearly given the test results of having that installed, for instance original dlss.dll file 2.4 had severe ghosting when new swapped with new dlss.dll file 3.1.10 that has corrected that issue and fps is bit more stable.

Now I don’t know anything about frame generation dll, if you could provide us more in depth benchmark or your observation would be much appreciated


I can appreciate the enthusiasm but I’m not going to go dropping DLL’s or changing core stuff without seeing the potential. Words are cheap and a picture says a thousand words. I don’t have Nvidia anyways, was just curious.

Without an Nvidia card this is pointless. I’m sorry, this won’t do anything for you!

About the framegeneration dll, my impression with the old dll is that it introduced microstutters. That, i dont see anymore with the new dll.

If you want to use the newest DLSS version but don’t want to bother doing it manually, there’s a handy tool for it

Lots of words, not much Info. Atleast you should link to the things u talk about, as 99% of the users readding this probably dont know anything about DLSS Tweaks:

Anyway, this “mod” is more for advanced users that undderstandd what they are doing. It need registry changes and atleast the knowledge to edit and most and foremost UNDERSTAND what is written in the .ini file and read it ccarefully.

Honestly, id recommend most users to stay away from such things.


A little bit of own initiative is needed for sure! :wink:
Ps: regedit is not required, works also without. Reading the manual of DlssTweaks is also recommend!


And here you can download the .dll’s :

As i said, even without DlssTweaks but with the new dll’s there is a clear uplift in image quality and smoothness! Only by changing the dll’s (backup your old files) for the not so advanced users.

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Alright, i tested all this out, using the newest DLSS version and applying the following tweaks to the DLSStweaks.ini file:

  • force DLAA
  • Autoexposure ON
  • Preset „F“ (as recommended by DLSStweaks.ini file)

On my system, it costs about 2 FPS.
The image is definitely a bit sharper, but the difference is not that big on my 3440x1440 screen, but it’s obviously there.

Id say, i leave it on for the time beeing.

If you are using DLSS to improve performance, this tweaks are NOT for you!!!
This tweaks are for improving image quality, NOT performance. As DLSS will render in native resolution and apply DLSS on top of it.

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As DLAA will render in native resolution… right?

Yes, it’s only the nvidia ai antialiasing. But its very good!

yep, so, no blurry displays and sharper image

CORRECTION: it still makes the displays bit blurry :frowning: