nVidia require your help in tracking down a specific VR & MSF2020 issue

As posted in the other thread but I think it deserves it’s own Headline, you could help in finding the root cause for poor VR performance with this Sim (regardless of recent widespread FPS issues) with the 461.X series of drivers.

This is direct from an nVidia Employee, quoted here (link below):


Hello everyone,

My name is Manuel and I work for NVIDIA. Someone submitted a feedback concerning this issue and we have been trying to reproduce the performance differences between R460 drivers and earlier branches in MSFS 2020 w/ VR using their GeForce graphics card. This is a very specific bug for this game and not the other VR bug we have mentioned in the release notes of our drivers. We would like to ask for help from the community. If you are still seeing worse frametimes/FPS in MSFS 2020 w/ VR with the latest drivers compared to the previous driver branch, we ask if you would be willing to capture two ETW traces as described in the FAQ below:


One trace should be using the latest driver 461.92 released today. The other trace should be of the previous driver branch which shows much better FPS/frametimes in VR for this game. As described in the FAQ, please send the trace logs to driverfeedback@nvidia.com along with the Microsoft System Information File as described in the FAQ below:





Original post over at AVSim:


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