NVIDIA research using AI to build Virtual Cities!

It would be nice if ASOBO considers Nvidia as a partner in creating very accurate depiction of populated areas for the MSFS2020 World! Here is a video of their work in progess!

Enjoy! https://youtu.be/ayPqjPekn7g


Bump bump bump check it out

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Took me to a YouTube video about Nvidia building AI cities. You probably just got a random YouTube add.

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The more I see of AI’s future, the more credence it brings to the notion that we may ourselves be living in a simulation. Thought provoking to say the least. But then, in 2020 it is hard to rule anything out!

Meanwhile… yes, Asobo get talking to these guys.


Maybe that will be X-plane’s plunge into the next generation of simming?

Well, that’s the next generation of Cities: Skylines sorted, then!

More seriously; given where we currently are with the MSFS world, you can see that once this technology filters down to games in (maybe) 10 years, the idea of a virtual world that can accomodate all transport modes should be possible.

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Yes make it happen please

Open a thread in the wish list pls here in the forum. Because so can we then votet it up. It should come be true in the msfs 2020 :heart_eyes:

I mean… doesn’t blackshark.ai already do this?
And what Nvidia has shown is that it can take real world data and generate a fictional city, not an accurate one.

Ai can sometimes seem magic, but down to earth it is actually pretty simple stuff that goes on.

He is right, blackshark.ai is doing the same as Nvidia, using AI to populate the World where no data is available.

For MSFS, blackshark.ai uses the AI to scan the satellite imagery and place trees, buildings, houses etc where they would be more accurate on every region of the planet.

The differences between Nvidia’s and blackshark’s works are the sources they are using. Nvidia apparently uses videos and blackshark is using the satellite imagery.

Would be feasible for Blackshark to use the same technique?! Are there videos available for each city of the World? How long would it take to build the World using it?

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And again, NVIDIA is using these videos to create an entirely new fictional city. blackshark.ai is using the data to replicate cities to a decent level of accuracy. Nvidia’s technique does not seem to do that as of yet.

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Well, to be fair, blackshark is trying to recreate the real cities, but the results are fictional cities based on the real ones.

The real cities on MSFS are the photogrammetric ones.

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That’s true, for sure. But the goal of Nvidia’s AI is different than the goal of blackshark.ai’s AI.

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Microsoft is doing the exact same thing on their own.

You also don’t make posts at Mercedes Benz forums that they must partner with BMW because of a new video how they built an engine.


I just want Blackshark.AI to know the difference between a country road and a city street when it places lights at night. Right now, most rural roads, even remote backwoods dirt roads, that are hundreds of miles from the nearest town, have the same density of lights as you would see on any street in a dense urban area. Seriously, how hard is it for an AI that is supposed to be so “smart” to figure that out??

AI is only as smart as those who program it.

Well, that depends on the AI, since a learning AI can develop behavior and then carry out tasks that are not explicitly programmed in the code. But, in the case of Blackshark.ai, yes, it needs to be updated by the programmers to know how to look at a road and determine if it’s a country road in the middle of nowhere, or a main street in a busy city. I would think the acres of bare land and the total absence of any buildings for several kilometers on either side would be a pretty good clue.

Blackshark isn’t doing that. If you watch the video they presented Balckshark as a partner, you will see they don’t talk about lights.

The lights are probably coming from some data source, like OSM or any other available. If the data specifies all kind of roads, they just need to tweak (which they are doing since alpha).