NVIDIA RTX 3070 immensely long wait times

I want to bring up an issue that maybe some people are having. It’s about the release of Nvidia’s 3000 series graphics cards, specifically the 3070, which I bought, not physically, but just on paper.

I have been waiting since October 29, 2020 for my Nvidia 3070 graphics card and we are already into March soon!!!

That is the day when it came out, where I come from. I go to the store to buy it on backorder as it is sold out in store and online, and I have gone 2, 3, 4 times to the store again to check availability status, and they say they are sold out!! So I give up and hope for the best.

I keep reading on different websites that there are many factors that come into play in this, such as the biggest being low supply, huge demand for online gaming GPUs. Also the better ratio of price to performance as compared to the RTX 2000 series. Even the COVID pandemic has made manufacturing difficult, resulting it in being slower than usual. Lastly, one reason that I really dislike. Cryptocurrency miners!! They are ruining the legal supply chain required from company (Nvidia) to manufacturers to end users. Why can’t this activity be stopped?

However when I first started playing the Flight Sim game in late August 2020 it was on my non-gaming laptop on an external hard drive, and I loved the new experience and the interactivity. So, I decided I needed a more powerful gaming desktop computer. So, I have all the parts, except the GPU! That’s the last component I need in order to assemble the computer.

I just hope not many people are having the same problem like me, and I hope something can be done with it soon. In the meantime, I keep checking the Flight Sim website for news updates, and I’m craving playing Flight Simulator again.

Thank you and Happy Flying.

Here’s a little inside hint about the crypto miners… Most card manufactures are selling to them first before general public. Miners buy in bulk and the manufactures essentially just dropship the cards to them. It’s the easiest way for the manufactures to make money fast with the least bit of effort. You can look on Youtube and see countless vids of 3080 farms. How did these people get 10+ 3000 series gpus… because the manufactures serve them first… and they are end users. Not justifying it, because I hate it also but, business is business.

I managed to get myself a 3080… from a scalper on Ebay. I hate supporting that but it’s either that or wait a year. I was on a 1080 and I do 3d modeling and photoreal rendering for a living. The 3080 is SIX times faster than the 1080 at rendering so… a $1400 3080 (or wait a year) is the harsh reality of things right now.

I would have thought that with their buying power Amazon could get tough with their suppliers.

Get an RTX 2060 Super/2070 Super/2080 Super for now. I have a 2060 Super with 8GB and it does a fantastic job with the simulator. I easily do 60FPS all over the place.

I imagine the 2080 Super will be even better. and you should be able to get those cards.

I got a Dell XPS in December and it came with the 2060 Super. I didn’t know that the power supply would handle the 2080 Super or I would have bought that one.

I check with Dell, I they aren’t selling the card by itself, well at least those models. And right now in their bigger systems they only offer the 2070 Super.

I got the 2070 S OC, performance very well.
Stable 2050 Mhz Overclock at MSFS2020.
But the market is completely out of stock nearly all good models.
Poorly… really.

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Amazon gets stock all the time, The bots get to it before anyone else does. Amazon does a terrible job of keeping bots out. All you need is a simple script for instock check and another for the “Buy Now” option.

Amazon UK has an rtx 2080 @£710

All other listings are blank re availability and price

Well in preparation for this sim i purchased a 3700x and an RTX 2080 super back in July. When the new CPU and GPU’s came out i was determined to get one. I figured i was going to sell my CPU and GPU and add a little extra and upgrade to a 5800x and an RTX 3080… Then the market blasted off. I only managed to snag my upgrades because Newegg started to offer the Shuffle and i actually managed to get a 5900x and a 6800xt out of it.
My issue is that when i put up my 2080 Super for sale for 600.00 in two for sale forums (ebay scalpers wanted 700-800 plus) no one wanted to buy yet people are complaining about not being able to get cards (I dropped that card on letgo and it was gone in less than 24 hours.) Mind you i had to buy the 6800xt for 1140.00 from newegg, not anywhere close to MSRP.
I understand that in a normal market that my old card would have only sold for 300 to 350 tops. But this is not a normal market and if you really need a card then you have to adjust for the inflated prices. Not from scalpers but even your normal retailers if you can get your hands on one in the first place.

You payed for a 3090 price good grief so you literally shot yourself in the foot.Harsh reality of things right now indeed but where is the harm in waiting a year instead of paying way above the MSRP.
My heart goes out to your wallet.

Rendering way faster… lol. It’s my business… so basically just a business expense, that also happens to be good for gaming.

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If i can afford it and its worth it for my enjoyment i will pay for it. That’s a decision for me to make. I vivdly remember When i was running Core 2 duo and a gtx 260 and couldn’t go any further when fsx came out and had to give up the hobby because i couldn’t afford to upgrade.

The times have changed and if it improves my quality of life and my experience and i have the means then its my call.
Ironically its also going to fall right into a business start up cost.