Nvidia settings

In the Nvidia Control Panel is it best to have Threaded Optimisation On, Off or Auto.?

Most I have seen in the forums leave it on “Auto”, but there may be others that have a different opinion. Maybe others will chime in.

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Definitely mixed responses, which makes sense considering this impacts each system differently. As @Sartanius said, many leave it on the default setting which is Auto. I have personally found that turning this setting on is benefiting me. I’d recommend just running some tests to see which works best for you. See you in the skies! :smiley:

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I have mine set to on but honestly it doesn’t seem to make a difference from auto that I can tell. I think the real use case for this setting would be setting it to off for something that simply won’t use it and might mess with the performance otherwise.

I have an AMD 3900x. As others have said, it might be different for different processors and systems.

Pretty much none of the cpu tweaks people have listed do anything for me. Well of them make things worse lol. My system for sure runs better with game mode turned on windows though. I lose 10 fps if I turn it off.

With any of these settings and tweaks always test them on YOUR system. Don’t just blindly change them and expect it to work. Always verify that it makes it better, has no effect or makes it worse.

For what it’s worth I have it set to ‘Auto’ but when I have set it to ‘On’ I have seen no real difference. My CPU is i5 7600k.

had MSFS installed on w2 PC’S. One with a GTX970 and another with an RTX2060. Made no difference either way with the new RTX2060, but increased GPU utilisation on the older GTX970.