Nvidia Users- Here's how to change your 2D settings to make things look much more real

It looks like the difference between warm and cold film to an analog camera, the first looks most realistic to my eyes though.

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This does appear to tax FPS…


Could you share your settings please?

Darn…no VR the mode that could really use brightness reduction😒

A lot like ReShade, nice effects. These are very subjective and depend massively on the person viewing them and their monitor settings but I really like playing with them. I like the 2nd pic also.

I use ReShade, i just wish I could replace the sky box with a deeper blue in this game.

I just deactivated it. It was getting in the way of the MSFS2020 Keyboard Settings.

would it be possible to have no filter in the US, but as soon as you cross the Mexican border you apply that yellow filter?


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It has no impact on FPS

Reshade actually drops FPS to the game, while the Nvidia filter doesn’t

What settings? The game graphic settings or the filter settings. The filter settings are above

Both programs drop fps, depending on what and how many filters you add.


Both impact the fps ingame equally. It just depends on the filter you use

Does ReShade work inside of VR?

Unfortunately I dont own a VR so couldn’t say for sure.

I would guess it would as to the game the VR is just another “screen” that its sending the output to - the output which ReShade is active in.

Perhaps someone who has a VR can elaborate. In the meantime you can test it, its easy to install and uninstall if you dont like it. Or of course if you have an nVidia card you have the option of the GeForce Experience filters as mentioned in this thread.

LOL, well, yeah, I’m the one who started the thread. And they don’t work in VR unfortunately.

Out of luck with the GFE filters then.

I suppose you could try ReShade, will be interesting to see if that works.

I haven’t tried this yet but I would think it has too…? How couldn’t it? Might be small in scale but isn’t the GPU doing the additional work?

I don’t think anyone can say a particular setting or view is better or worse. It"s totally subjective to the person looking at it.

Not true at all. It can and often does reduce FPS from 3-10 FPS depending on the scene and amount and type of filters in use.

If YOU do not notice an FPS reduction, state it that way, but do not state it as a fact when it is not true. This misleads people.


Yep. This is it.