Nvidia warns gamers to update their GPU drivers due to severe security problems

I am still using 457.30 and getting good performance, have tried newer drivers but got performance hit so now wondering what others are doing ?



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Thank you.


Just update the drivers. Latest driver works like normal with msfs and to be honest, i never experienced any perfromance degredation after updating nvidia drivers. Neither did switching back to older drivers like some would recommend gave me better performance. More often i’ve had performance being worse due to msfs updates, newer drivers only seems to make things better in general for me. (Except for gsync flickering but this has nothing to so with msfs)

Don’t think this security thing is too big of a deal though. Only a few articles i could find on google from tech news sites. Searched on nvidia website and took me more than a few clicks to find any info. So no big red flashing warning light.


A while back, after hearing people swearing up and down that 457.30 were the best drivers for performance, I decided to test this out for myself.

I have a benchmark flight that I use every time to test performance between patches. I typically fly it with zero traffic, clear skies, etc to try to reproduce it as closely as possible every time.

I used DDU to clean my drivers, and rolled back to 457.30. I flew my test flight for 10 minutes, then upgraded to the next driver, and repeated. After 8 driver reinstalled from 457.30 to the most recent at the time, I saw no perceivable difference in frame rate or smoothness of my experience (RTX 2080),

So I’m honestly quite skeptical about these “night and day” differences people claim between driver versions. Perhaps there’s some difference on 3000 series cards, since I’m sure the changes to the drivers are targetting those devices mostly vs older cards. But I honestly haven’t seen any.


Yeah i’ve been down that lane too. I think when vr was released people talking about the ‘vr driver’ sorry can’t remember wich driver it was.

So i uninstalled my drivers. Installed the magic older ‘vr’ driver. Performance was just as useless as before😅

I’m on a rtx3090 btw. Didn’t notice any performance drops. Not with msfs or any other game. Don’t play many games though).

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From what I have read on these forum topics, the latest NVidia driver works very well for those with a 3000 generation GPU. I can only verify that for my setup (RTX2080 and a Reverb G2) the latest NVidia driver reduced my frame rate substantially and added major stuttering. I went back to 457.30 and everything became relatively smooth again.

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TechRadar needs to dial down their hyperbole by about 27000%. The first bug requires “physical access”… Just update your drivers and, perhaps, consign TechRadar to the trash can where, I feel sure, they will find most of their hyperbole from the last 38000 years.


That was my experience. I only play a small handful of other games on a regular basis (Rust, No Man’s Sky, Second Extinction) and saw no difference between driver versions. If they were there, they were so minimal that I couldn’t notice them. Ditto for my VR stuff like Half-Life: Alyx, H3, and others. Didn’t notice any difference there either. All 90+ fps in VR without exception. But I still can’t run MSFS in VR and get over 15-20 fps.

None of these are “severe” issues. the linked article is just click-bait really. They care more about serving you ads and affiliate links than they do about your security.

But it’s still not a bad idea to update your drivers on general principles.


The name of the game for simmers is hyperboles. This is the same crowd that brought you “replace your DP cable with an HDMI cable to get rain drops on your windshields”.

To anyone reading this, I strongly advise generally thinking twice about the tech support being offered by random users; nine times out of ten they’re just stabs in the dark and jumps to conclusions by people whose only experience with video games is FSX from 2006.

EDIT: Also, if anyone recommends rolling back a security update to your operating system because it supposedly improves frame rates, DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM! Exposing a vulnerability in your operating system is NOT worth the promise of a better performing video game!


I don’t think updating graphics drivers generally affect performance. A card that can do x amount of work per second doesn’t suddenly do less amount of work with another driver. Never seen GPU benchmarks change drastically over different driver versions, and for the last 10 years i never experienced a driver update change something noticeable. I did have an issue with G-sync and some unstability issues fixed by drivers in the past but that’s it.

I have a 2080Ti and G2 goggles. The latest driver 466.1 works well for me, but all of them before gave me bad stutters. 457.30 was the last good one.

Now VR works very well for me once I’m in the air, that even includes flying low over Paris and London. But anywhere near a terminal of a major airport, and it becomes a slide-show and stutter-fest. I’ve tried various settings, but nothing seems to help:( P.S. I’m not talking about the recent livery-related stutters… Does anybody have some advice?

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Had bad stutter on my very first VR flight just after it was implemented in the sim. Upped RAM to 32GB and have never had any performance issues since and always been on the current nVidia release driver with my RTX2080Ti and Index VR headset.
The issues some have are not global, that’s for sure, but what the root cause is (or are) could be any number of things.

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Glad the OP just posted as I was about to – UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE

Just update. No need to discuss it.

Well, fingers are crossed Nvidia doesn’t hose up my system again. When the 3000 series came out I upgraded drivers but got the VR unplayable slideshow effect. Rolled back. Tried again a few months ago but this time, still the slideshow and rolling back again broke my system and I had to rebuild Windows. First time Nvidia drivers actually killed my OS but the system wouldn’t even boot. In fairness, there were other signs of instability but all I did was try to upgrade the driver.

So now it’s a big security hole. Again. Great. Thanks for nothing, Nvidia. I wish AMD cards were faster or I’d be done with Nvidia but yes, I know security holes are a fact of life no matter who writes the software. It just seems we’ve had nothing but bad Nvidia drivers since the 3000s “launched”.

At least my backups are all in order in case it trashes my system again. Nvidia makes the best argument for keeping all important files on drives other than the Windows boot and system. But Microsoft and Windows are right there too. Keep your important stuff on drives that don’t get wiped in a rebuild, and back it up too.

Lol how instable was your system when updating graphics drivers killed your os😂

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I agree.

There are still many add-ons requiring the customer to disable UAC or to run as-admin :upside_down_face:

You’ve been lucky to have a different experience with your drivers, than some of us in the VR forum.

Here is a perfect illustration how a driver is affecting performance. Even though the silicon nominal specs and capabilities don’t change, the path from application to silicon is not nominal and you can never exploit 100% of your silicon:

It was minor stuff and mostly to do with FS2020. No instability or problems at all on my system now - until I put 466.11 on it.

I’m on a month old full-up Windows install, a total rebuild, just installed the new 466.11 Nvidia driver, and even Windows is a stuttery mess now. FS2020 is even worse. Totally unusable.

Update at your own risk.

■■■■■. Nvidia - we either live with big security holes or rock unusable systems. Not much of a choice there. I have grown to viscerally dislike Nvidia.

Back to 457.09 for me. Security vulnerabilities or no.

Those of us that play in VR know that 457.30 is the best driver for our use. Not upgrading.