NY scenery test flight after update - 1080p Ultra - GTX1080, 6850K

20 min flight around New York while I mutter to myself to see what the stutter and frame rate improvements are after today’s update, Sept 3rd 2020. I have uploaded it for reference. I will be getting a 3090 so it will be good to fly something like this again on the arrival of that! But the stuttering is massively improved. :smiling_face:

GTX1080 founders *OC 1970Mhz
6850K *OC 4.2Ghz
64GB RAM *XMP OC 3000MHz
NVMe 1TB drive for the install.

FS2020 New York flight test after update 1.

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My rudimentary understanding of PCs tells me that your CPU is what’s holding you back more than the GPU right now. I’m sure others will chip in with more education than I can. I don’t know if a $1500 GPU is going to help if your CPU is your bottleneck

But, really, I have no idea…

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The CPU is not being utilised by the sim from what I can see. 12 cores (Hyper threaded) at 4.2 Ghz is running at about 40-55% (68% is the current max it has ever hit in FS2020) Temps at about 48°C on load.
I can run the CPU at 4.6Ghz with the current cooling but I won’t ramp it up unless it’s being used.

The 1080 GPU can and will run at about 2115Mhz on the blower cooling (Founders Card) but it does trip up on occasion at that rate and pins over 85°C so I keep it under 2,000 for safe and easy clocking. The update has seen more GPU use, now hitting 98% rather than 30-60% use.

I guess it’s a “if you build it, they will come” thought. Do the GPU
that’s maxed before the CPU that’s on easy street. That said, I will repeat the flight on the 3090 and we can see real world if it works!

Cool thing is, it’ll be my money I’m wasting to end the test! :grin::thinking::open_mouth:

I thought a 6850k was only 8 cores? Or is that with HT?

Still, good luck! That 3090 is a beast, on paper

It’s 6 physical and 6 logical. But the ace up the sleeve is the 40 PCIe lanes and the X99 platform itself. I’d be interested in seeing what a HEDT from 2016 makes of the new GPU. Because thus far the chip has never been over clocked due to under use by software, until now. The last update seems to have let the GPU stretch its legs but shows some lack of horse power in the 1080 even when close to 2,000 Mhz.

Some good old fashioned dartboard mechanics will fix the day! :thinking:

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